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27 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Los Angeles on Your Vacation


A picture is worth 1000 words and in this post we not going to tell you the reasons to vacation in LA, we’re going to show you the reasons.

Los Angeles is such a beautiful city and so full of fun things to do that with these 27 pictures we’re just scratching the surface of all the things to see and do.  If you have the itch be sure to explore our site more, especially the posts in our LA Tourist Attractions category.

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We started our pictorial with a photo of the Hollywood sign, up close and personal.  If you want this view of the Hollywood Sign without the long hike other vantage points involve click the link!

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If you want to take a selfie in the spot where more Instagram selfies have been taken than any place in the world (I think that is actually correct) then you want to check out the Urban Light sculpture in the forecourt of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  It isn’t just the tourists taking selfies either.  I captured footage of Derek Hough and Haley Erbert filming themselves doing a dance routine under the lamp posts.

The Urban Light sculpture at LACMA

The beaches in Southern California are all a fun place to go, so I though in a shot here of one of my friends making the best of the waves.

While we are on the topic of having fun at the beach, no vacation in Los Angeles is complete without taking Santa Monica State Beach and of course the Santa Monica Pier!

The Santa Monica Pier in the late afternoon.

The Santa Monica Pier is the terminus of the famous Route 66, for obvious reasons.  It’s packed with restaurants, arcades, and the Pacific Park amusement park.  The kids will love it and so will you.

Pacific Park and amusement park on the Santa Monica Pier

For breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier, step on over to the north end of the pier and view it from the bluffs at Palisades Park.  Perched high above the beach, there is a long, peaceful tree lined walk overlooking the ocean.

Steps leading from Palisades Park in Santa Monica California to the Pacific Coast Highway below.

Immediately south of Santa Monica Beach is Venice Beach with the famed Venice Boardwalk known for street performers and an artsy vibe.

The graffiti walls, an area of street artists and taggers to work their craft are one of the many attractions in Venice Beach.  The art on the walls changes daily.

Street art is everywhere in Los Angels, particularly in the Arts District downtown and in the Venice Beach area.  This mural by artist Clinton Bopp is on a building off of Abbot Kinney Drive.  To see more of the street art in Venice check out our video on Daniel Wood’s Venice Street Art Tour.

Just a block east of Venice Beach are the beautiful Venice Canals.  These are man made canals that were constructed by Abbot Kinney when founding the town of Venice.  He wanted to create a Venice in America.  Today the canals are lined with walkways where you can stroll the canals and gaze at the beautiful luxury homes.

Venice Canals

As long as we’re enjoying the sunny beaches, if you head further south the next great spot is Marina del Rey.  This is one of my favorite spots.  Go to Burton Chace Park.  This beautiful peaceful park is surrounded by the marina on three sides.  Or if you want to partake in restaurants, shopping, parasailing, fishing excursions or dinner cruises, then enjoy the marina from Fisherman’s Village.

Fishing boat at the dock in the harbor in Marina Del Rey.

See more photos of things to do in Los Angeles after the break…

Way down south in San Pedro and the Long Beach area is the awesome Korean Bell of Friendship.  This wonderful work of art was presented to Los Angeles and the United States as a symbol of peace, friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

The best views of the Los Angeles Harbor and the Pacific Ocean are also found here.

Korean Bell of Friendship

Speaking of the Los Angeles harbor, the sunsets are so beautiful!

Los Angeles Harbor

As long as you are down this way, be sure to check out the Queen Mary!

The Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor is a famous tourist attraction in Southern California

Headed back into the city, you can hob nob with the rich and famous and a handful of celebrities on Rodeo Drive, which is probably the most expensive shopping area in the world.  Pay attention when you are parking.  A number of the lots will give you the first two hours free!

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Not too far away is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one of the key tourist attractions in the city.  Personally, I think other things in Los Angeles are a lot more worth spending your time doing but it can be fun.  Besides finding your favorite star’s star on the walk, there are wax museums, restaurants and souvenir shops.  One of the best attractions is almost completely overlooked by the tourists.  It’s called the Snow White Cafe.  What makes it special is it is where the early Disney animators used to hang out and the walls are filled with original Disney art!

The star attraction on the west end of the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where you can see all the hand and footprints of the stars in the forecourt.  As you can see in the picture, it’s a very popular place!

Tourist pack the forecourt at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

The Walk of Fame is about two miles long so if you want to see the intersection of Hollywood and Vine you’ll want to take an Uber or Lyft, or you can take the Metro from right on the walk’s west end to the stop on the east end.  There isn’t as much on this end, but the iconic Capitol Records building is there along with the Pantages Theatre.

As we head toward downtown Los Angeles, we pass Echo Park.  This beautiful park offers a breathtaking view of downtown LA.  And you can take the paddle boats out around the lake.

View of downtown Los Angeles from Echo Park

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, with architecture resembling sheets of stainless steel music blowing in the wind is one of the most iconic buildings in Los Angeles.  There is actually a big cluster of cool things to see nearby in downtown Los Angeles including Grand Park, City Hall (where you can get the best free view of LA) and more.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

For a dollar, you can’t beat the thrill of taking a ride on the historic Angel’s Flight.  This incline railway is the shortest railroad in the world.  It was built in the early 1900’s to take the wealthy people of the era to their mansions on the top of Bunker Hill (since replaced by LA’s tallest skyscrapers).

Angels Flight incline railway in downtown Los Angeles

Over toward the east end of downtown LA is the historic Olvera Street.  This is considered to be the original birthplace of Los Angeles.  It’s now a street market wiht authentic handcrafted Mexican goods and great food.  We did a little video of Olvera Street for you to check it out.

Historic Olvera Street, birthplace of Los Angeles

The Broadway Theatre District has seen better days, but a project to revitalize it has been ongoing for a few years now.  If you get the opportunity to take in a show at one of the grand old movie palaces, do so.  The architecture and art in all of them is amazing.  The iconic Eastern Columbia Building in the background has been converted to lofts and is home to several celebrities. Johnny Depp was one of them until he recently sold his lofts there.

Broadway Theatre District at Night

One of the most breathtaking views of the Los Angeles skyline is just north of downtown in an area called Elysian Park.  The photo below was taken from Angel’s Point.  This vantage point also overlooks Dodger Stadium.

Beautiful view of the Los Angeles Skyline from Elysian Park. Royalty free stock photo

The Getty Museum is another great place for views… both of the art and the city.  It houses a massive collection of art with rotating shows and the grounds are spectacular.  Admission is free other than the cost to park.

The Getty Museum

As the entertainment capitol of the world, Los Angeles has a very active nightlife. One of the best places to check it out is on the famous Sunset Strip.  This is where the legendary music clubs that the big rock and roll bands of the sixties and seventies got their starts are located.  It’s also home to the comedy clubs that launched some of our most famous comedians.

The Laugh Factory is one of the famous comedy clubs on the Sunset Stirp

We’ll wrap this up with another photo of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this one at night. As you can see it takes on a whole different character when the neon lights pierce the night.

El Capitan Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at night.

Drop us a comment and let us know how you enjoyed your vacation in Los Angeles.  Be sure to explore our site for more of the cool things to do.  As long as this post is, its just a taste of the beauty and excitement!



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