Herschel Walker
LA 2020

Christian Walker “The Left Is Destroying America”

John Strand, aka the #TruthMaverick interviews Christian Walker, son of NFL football legend Herschel Walker, about the issues going on in the country today.

With Donald Trump being the owner of the New Jersey Generals, the first team Herschel played the walkers have a long relationship with the Trumps. But Christian didn’t feel the need to stand on a platform for the Republicans or Donald Trump until the hypocrisy of the left became too much to swallow.

“I saw Back Lives Matter riots destroying property and burning buildings and the media was telling me these were peaceful protests,” Christian said.  “Two plus two does not equal five.  It equals four.”

Walker warns that the left is out to destroy everything America stands for and says that it is essential to re-elect Trump if we are to continue as a free nation.

The interview was done at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally, held every Sat at 3:00 PM at Beverly Gardens Park until the election.

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Interview filmed with a Panasonic Lumix S1H 6k Netflix approved video camera.

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