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Totally LA helps visitors “Discover the Magic of LA” by featuring the wealth of magical places, people, landmarks, restaurants, art, music and tourist attractions in the city of the angels.  By focusing on the creativity and vitality of a city that is known as one of the most magical places in the world we have become the fastest growing Los Angeles based website.

Our readers come from all over the world and when they arrive on Totally-LA they stay for more.  Our visitors typically look at at least 3 pages prior to leaving the site.  They are people planning to visit Los Angeles on business or for an exciting vacation. They want to know what to see, where to stay, where to eat and where the fun is.  They trust us to provide them that information with rich content often including video.  Likewise, Angelenos come to Totally LA for the same reasons.  Totally-LA attracts visitors that are as diverse as the people in the city itself.

They are looking for exactly what you have to offer.  Hotels, accommodations, airline flights, rental cars, boat rentals, dinner cruises, restaurants, concerts, art galleries, great places to shop and fun things to do while visiting Los Angeles.  Likewise, in a city as large as Los Angeles, Angelenos come to Totally LA to discover more to do and read about what is happening in LA.

Ads are placed where they will be seen as the visitor is reading the content somewhere within the body of the text.  They are seen as part of what the reader is reading, not as an interruptions of it.  This placement benefits our advertisers both in high quality branding and in direct sales when the viewer clicks over to your website.

Types of advertising opportunities available:

Featured Business Section:

If you are an LA based business, we can feature your business on Totally Los Angeles.  This can range from simple, to very elaborate including photography, video and an article about your business. Ask us about packages where we create advertising video where you can also get a copy of the marketing video we create for you on Totally LA to place on your own website, social media and YouTube Channel.

Featured businesses will appear in the Support LA Local section and also in any other appropriate category.  For example, our most recent featured business, Handy Market, also appears in the LA Restaurants category.  Another company we featured, Indie source, takes the designs of fashion designers from concept to market.  We created a video that shows each of the steps involved while also telling the company’s philosophy and showing why they are the best choice.  Because this deals with the fashion industry, we posted this in our LA Fashion section as well as our Support LA Local section.  You can see this marketing video here.

Contact us for more information.  Each situation is unique, but in all cases it’s the best marketing value you can get. 

Travel, Tourism & Resort Marketing:

Whether you are a tourism board, travel company, property, or travel related product, we can help market your brand with authenticity and creativity.  Examples would be compelling video and editorial coverage of your hotel or resort, shopping mall, restaurant, store or town that could be featured on Totally LA as well as pushed out on your own marketing channels  Contact us for more information.

Event Coverage:

We provide coverage of your events including photography and videography.  This service can include both publication in Totally LA, distribution to other media outlets, and copies of the work provided to you for your own distribution.  Please contact us to discuss details on event photography, event videography and coverage.

Video Content Ads:

Advertising space is also available within our videos.  These can be pre-roll ads that happen in the beginning of our video, textual or small banner ads within the video, mid-roll ads that appear in the middle of our video content and product mentions.  Contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Banner Ads and Skyscrapers (see examples below):

Banner ads can be placed site-wide where they come up on all pages including the home page and individual articles.  They can also be placed on just one article or on all articles within one section.  Artwork for banner ads should  be designed to be as close at possible to 980 pixels wide by 225 pixels tall.  Artwork for skyscraper ads should be 400 pixels wide by 600 pixels high or 400 by 400 pixels.  We do require that they be visually attractive.  We can design your ad should you desire for an additional charge.

Note that our advertising prices increase as our own traffic increases.  By purchasing longer durations for your ad, you can save considerably.  Small, local Los Angeles businesses receive a 40% discount on ad rates.

Banner Ad Rates as of December 2018:

Sitewide Banner: $250 per month with a six month minimum duration.
Single Post Banner:*  A banner ad placed within a single article of your choice is available for $25 per month with a six month commitment.
Category Wide Banners: Ask for a quote on the category of your choice.

fashion photographer

Skyscraper Ad Rates as of December 2018:

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Sitewide Skyscraper 400 x 600 pixels: $275 per month, six month minimum duration.
Sitewide Skyscraper 400 x 400 pixels: $225 per month, six month minimum duration.
Single Post Skyscraper:* Either size is available for $35 per month with a six month minimum duration.

See example of a skyscraper ad to the right.

* Note, single post ads are highly effective for businesses that market to people who have a strong interest in the post.  For example, a Venice Beach restaurant or hotel would be best served by a single post ad in the articles we have relating to Venice Beach.

Native Ads:

Native ads are where we talk about your product or business within the article itself rather than inserting an ad into the copy.  Our visitors read your advertisement as a natural part of the text of the article rather than as an ad intruding into what they are reading.  Native ads are highly effective.  They are seen, trusted and clicked on.  Contact us for pricing on native ads and to discuss which content they will be a part of.

Sponsored Posts:

We frequently receive request to publish sponsored posts.  This could be an article about your upcoming event, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall or concert.  Of all types of available advertising, sponsored posts are the most effective as they appear to have been written by someone other than the advertiser, providing an implied endorsement of the event.  Contact us to discuss sponsored posts. We can also fully produce the content, including video production, photography and writing as in this example.

Link ads:

Link ads are the most economical of our ads.  They are available on individual article pages.  Text link ads are placed at the bottom of articles.  We will place your text link on 10 posts for a fee of $5.00 per month with a one year commitment.

event photography
From our coverage of the Art Hearts Fashion runway show during Beverly Hills Fashion Week.