Allow Extra Time if Traveling to LAX


September 1, 2017 Labor Day Weekend

Los Angeles International Airport
Cars waiting at LAX passenger pickup.

Los Angeles International Airport is advising travelers to allow extra time at LAX due to construction.We are going to add a little note of our own to that advisory having picked up passengers twice at LAX in the last few weeks.  The construction has also caused confusions on which gate your passenger might be arriving at.  This is particularly true of United Airlines.  Both times the gate the passenger we were picking up and the one stated on his ticked were not the same.

On one of the occasions, the ticketing agents and bag check personnel did not know what gate the planes were coming into either!  Glad cell phones were invented, but it did create an hour delay for us to find each other since he did not know the airport and was unable to communicate where he was.

That said, LAX is not only beautiful and modern, it is the fourth busiest passenger airport in the world and the second busiest in the United States.  It served over 80.9 million passengers in 2016 and has over 690 non stop flights departing daily to US cities.  It also has over 1200 international flights per week.

LAX also contributes heavily to the economy of Los Angeles.  In 2014 it generated 620,000 jobs with labor income of over $37 million.  It is currently undergoing a 14 billion dollar modernization program.

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World Way, LAX
Public Transportation at LAX


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