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Angelenos Rally in Support of Tinhorn Flats

The old west themed pub in Burbank known as Tinhorn Flats has been in the media over its skirmishes with the city of Burbank more than a few times.

The issue revolves around the restaurant’s refusal to remained closed down during the last quarantine order pushed down by Governor Newsom in November 2020. And who can blame them. Restaurants in California have faced a year of closed, open again, closed again, open again closed again. Each reopening came with heavy restrictions to be complied with at great expense and requirements to operate at limited capacity.

The owner said they held on as long as they could and finally had to reopen. They could not hang in any longer unless they did so. It’s been a battle ever since with the City of Burbank pitting every regulatory agency at its disposal against the restaurant.

Tinhorn Flats has been padlocked by the city. Boarded up. It’s had its electricity shut off. It’s been condemned for fire code violations (due to operating while boarded up by city). It’s liquor license and other licenses have been revoked. But each time Tinhorn Flats reopened.

Most recently the owner’s son was arrested and thrown in jail. The crime? Opening for business.

Customers and those that sympathize with the pub’s plight (along with other businesses that have endured long closures) protested in front to the establishment on April 4th 2021. The protest was held to draw attention to the unjustice.

I make no attempt here to minimize that we have been hit by a pandemic. However, the handling of it has been used as an excuse to trample all over the rights that Americans have fought for and hold dear. The contradictions in what we are told make it clear that it has more to do with profit and politics than it does to protect our health.

Felons are being released from prison to “protect their health”. People being arrested for assault and in one case for murder have been released after booking with a “promise to appear” citation. No bail. But a business owner who merely wanted to earn an honest living is jailed. Americans are still facing travel restrictions, frequently having to be tested prior to boarding a plane. We are now being told we might have to show proof of vaccination to fly in the very near future. But we are allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States each day. Many have symptoms of COVID, yet none are being tested. None are being quarantined. We were told we had to quarantine at home for months to protect the elderly who were most at risk of death from the virus. Then we learned that the governors in several states ordered COVID patients to be placed in nursing homes… where they would infect the population the rest of us gave up our jobs, businesses and our lives to protect.

The only thing that as been clear though 2020 and now 2021 is the hypocrisy. That, and how rapidly the “science” changes with politics.

It’s clear that our freedom is being held hostage by those who profit from our fear. Tinhorn Flats decided to fight back. Hopefully many more Americans will do the same before it’s too late!

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