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Best View of Downtown Los Angeles – Angel’s Point

Hands down the best view of the Los Angeles skyline to be found is from Angel’s Point in Elysian Park.  Bring your camera of course and take pictures of downtown LA that will be the envy of your friends.While there are other commanding views of DTLA, such as the view from the observation deck at City Hall, from Elysian Park you have a view that sweeps most of the city and offers a birds eye view of Dodger Stadium.  You can also see out across Hollywood.  The downtown LA view is particularly beautiful here too due to looking across the sweeping green valley leading up to it.  The video above shows you some of what you can expect.

For the view at Angel’s Point, you can enter Elysian Park by heading north on Solono from N. Broadway.  Turn right at Academy Gate, then left on Angel’s Point Road.  Then simply follow it until you see the sign.  The road widens there to allow parking.  It is just a short walk down a trail to a large public artwork by artist Peter Shire and it is from there the views are to be had.  A better view of Dodger Stadium can be seen by following one of the trails that will be apparent to you when you arrive.  You can also take a good book and sit in one of the benches under the sculpture for a good outdoor read.

As you follow the road up you’ll be amazed at just how much Elysian Park has to offer.  There are picnic areas galore, playgrounds, restrooms, gardens and other art installations.

The park is the oldest park in Los Angeles, dating back to 1886, and also the second largest.  In 1964 citizens banded together to prevent the City of Los Angeles from constructing the Municipal Convention Center on 62 acres of park land.  Once you see the park and the views, you’ll b glad they did.

Elysian Park is bounded by Lincoln Heights on the southeast, on the northeast by Elysian Valley, on the south by Chinatown an on the west by Echo Park.  The 110 Freeway also runs under the park at the Figueroa Street Tunnels.

If I had only one choice of views of Los Angeles, this would be my pick… and I’ve seen most of them.  Click images to view larger.  By the way, you’ll want to have a good camera when you go to capture the view at it’s best.  The camera gear I use is below.

More photos after the break…

Video produce by: Mark Stout Photography
Narration: Zeus Lee
Background music: Gourd Hunting by Jesse Spillane
License: Creative Commons. Artist info:

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