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Angelyne Makes a Comeback!

Anyone that lived in Los Angeles in the eighties knows who Angelyne is.  They might not know just why she was on all the billboards along Sunset Blvd and what it was that made her so famous but they know of her.

The legend of Angelyne, the beautiful sex kitten in the pink Corvette is a part of the fabric of Los Angeles.  The years have marched on and the billboards have disappeared but she can still be seen cruising the Blvd in her pink Corvette.

Angelyne told me about six months back that the billboards were going up again.  I didn’t give it much thought until driving along Franklin Ave near Cahuenga and I noticed the Angelyne billboard in the photo above.

Angelyne, the billboard queen is back!

Oh.  And if you are still wondering just what she is so famous for she is famous for being Angelyne.  She was the first in a new breed of celebrities that are famous for being famous.  Think Kim Kardashian.

Be sure to watch our video of when Miss Kitty Fairlane interviews Angelyne in her Hollywood office!

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