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Angelyne Sighting


I recall seeing the pink Corvette cruising Sunset Blvd. with the platinum blond and the vanity plates reading Angelyne back in the nineties and wondering just who she was.  There were also Angelyne billboards all up and down Sunset that didn’t help much to clear up the matter.  She was a mystery.

I moved away and when I returned to LA in a few years ago it seems that I am bumping into Angelyne every time I turn around and I’ve worked with her in her offices as well taping an episode of What’s Cookin’ With Sham.

This most recent “Angelyne Sighting” was rather classic.  I had just finished taping an episode of Miss Kitty Fairlane in LA at the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs.  She was wearing a pink negligee for it.  We decided to stop for coffee and discuss the next episode and pulled up behind Angelyne’s pink Corvette just as she was walking out of the coffee shop wearing her trademark pink.

The chance encounter of the two women in pink in front of the pink Corvette in Hollywood made for some interesting pictures.  I thought I would share them with you!

Oh.  I did learn the mystery of what Angelyne was so famous for back in the day.  She was famous for being famous… the first of what has become a new breed of celebrity.

Update: Be sure to see our new video of when Miss Kitty Fairlane interviews Angelyne in her Hollywood office!

See more photos after the break.

The fabulous Angelyne and Miss Kitty Fairlane in Hollywood

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