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Behind the Scenes at a Fashion Design Fitting Session

Watch our friend Lana at Indie Source in this view of how a fashion fitting session is done for a new fashion design.

In this video, Lana is working with fashion designer Safali Fatali on her latest design. This is the final installment of a series of videos we did on what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry.  The series was taped during Los Angeles Fashion Week with Indie Source and acclaimed fashion designer Adolfo Sanchez, both in the Los Angeles Fashion District.  We will be bringing you a video soon where Adolfo shows us the amount of work that goes into creating a haute couture gown.

Indie Source is a unique company that has collected all of the resources together under one roof to help fashion designers take their designs from concept through each step of the process to market.  Be sure to see our other videos on how they help fashion designers turn their dreams into reality.

Photos after the break…

A sewing room at Indie Source where fashion samples are created prior to mass production.
fashion business
Professional seamstress checking the fit of a jacket on a mannequin.

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