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Best Place to Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey in LA

Sale on thanksgiving turkeys
Read to the end for how you can save BIG BUCKS on your Thanksgiving Turkey!

For the longest time we have obtained a Diestel Organic turkey from Whole Foods for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Not only are they humanely raised and antibiotic free, they just taste better.

Best places to buy turkey
Sale on Thanksgiving Turkey at Whole Foods Markets.

My favorite Whole Foods since moving to LA is the one in Glendale at 331 North Glendale Ave.  The store is larger than some of the Whole Foods stores in the more crowded areas in LA meaning they have a better selection.  And even though it is a bit farther for me to drive than 2 other stores near me, the traffic is so much lighter that I get there faster and there is enough parking that I’m not looping the parking lot endlessly waiting for a space to empty out.

Of course turkey is not the only thing you will find at Whole Foods for you Thanksgiving feast.  If fact you can have Whole Foods prepare your entire Thanksgiving Dinner for you!  Depending on how you look at it, that will either take some of the fun out of the holiday… or give you more time to enjoy your family and friends!

Amazon Buys Whole Foods

I promised at the beginning to tell you how you can save big on your Thanksgiving Turkey.  Well, that is coming to you as a result of Amazon acquiring Whole Foods in August.  I have very mixed feelings about the idea of a retail giant like Amazon taking over a grocery chain that specializes in natural and organic foods, but I am saving those for another article.

As for saving money on your Holiday Turkey, here is the deal. Amazon Prime members receive extra savings in store with coupon 11/15 – 11/26/17. Visit for offer details.
There is some confusing text re ordering online through Amazon and paying in store to get the discount, but overall from what I looked at the savings is over $1.00 per pound on most all turkeys.  On a 25 pound bird, that is a considerable chunk of change you can apply to your Black Friday shopping right after the feast!

I do wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.  Please enjoy your family and friends.

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