Beverly Hills Protest
Beverly Hills,  Coronavirus - BLM,  LA 2020

Beverly Hills Freedom Rally

A group of protesters in Beverly Hills decided to show the city what a peaceful protest really looks like on Saturday July 25, 2020.  Curiously, the protest was largely overlooked by the media save for one article that called it one of the “polarizing protests” occurring in Beverly Hills.

The article in the Beverly Hills Courier referred to it as polarizing due to the earlier protests in Beverly Hills organized by the Black Future Project that shut down Santa Monica Boulevard and resulted in arrests.  The headline was deceptive as the message of the Freedom Rally on Saturday was one of unity.

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Los Angeles has had an abundance of protests this year falling into two distinctive categories.  Peaceful and ones that result in violence and property destruction. One of the easiest ways to distinguish between the two is the American Flag is always prominent at the peaceful ones.  If it is present at all at the violent protests, it is only to burn it.

Called the Freedom Rally the message at Saturday’s protest was simple and patriotic.  We love our country, defend the police, we must stand together regardless of political party, businesses are essential, open our schools and recall governor Newsom.

The group was greeted by motorists honking horns and giving them the thumbs up gesture in an overwhelming display of support.  There were also some detractors that drove by shouting insults, but they were few.

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The rally then marched down Beverly Drive and returned on Canon Drive.  They had a powerful message of unity.  It’s noteworthy that they were not confrontational, they did not block traffic, no tear gas or rubber bullets were needed.

The Freedom Rally was one of several similar rallies occurring around Los Angeles over the weekend.  They too were largely ignored by the media.

The Freedom Rally will be occurring each Saturday at 3:00 at the Beverly Hills sign.  There is also a Defend Police Rally that occurs each Sunday meeting at the same spot at 1:00.

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