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Biden Says California is His Inspiration for Running the Nation – That Should Terrify You!

Days before Biden was inaugurated into the White House, a headline in the Los Angeles Times read “Golden State Ideas Inspire Biden” and the tagline read “President Trump tried to marginalize California.  Under his successor it is moving back to center stage.”

Kamala Harris said the same earlier on. We created this video to show American’s just what California looks like in 2021 and what Biden and Harris are actually promising. This should terrify everyone in America.

Perhaps Biden and Harris believe Americans still think of California as it was during the years when it truly was the land of opportunity and the golden state.  But that was before decades of one party rule under the Democratic Party turned California into Venezuela of America.  This isn’t exaggeration.  California is now much more like a third world country than one of the fifty states!

I’ll start with some of the wonderful new housing projects going up all over Los Angeles.  They’re called homeless encampments.  

The homeless problem in Los Angeles dates back to about the eighties… which is the same time as California became a state completely run by the democratic party.  Since the eighties the party has such a stranglehold on the state that it’s said California is under one party rule.  There have not been enough Republicans in California to have any impact at all on the legislation that’s passed.

At one point the homeless were for the most part confined to an official district in downtown Los Angeles called skid row.  

Skid row has continued to expand well beyond its boundaries. Homeless encampments have been springing up all over Los Angeles.  There are more homeless people in California than in the remaining 49 states combined!

Skid row is possibly the fastest growing housing development in Los Angeles.  Especially during 2020. Homeless encampments are now under every freeway overpass, in every park, in front of most every shopping center, along all of our beaches, at our tourist attractions, and even in the exclusive high rent districts such as Beverly Hills.  Yep, you can find the homeless setting up camp with the rich and famous in Beverly Hills!

California taxpayers have spent billions on projects that are supposed to provide housing for the homeless.  The housing never gets built, but politicians and their pals in business have become considerably richer. 

An entire industry of corruption has erupted around the homeless. According to the California Globe, the units in one housing project for the homeless cost well over $900,000 per unit! That would buy several large family homes in other parts of the country!

This solution of building housing for the homeless actually makes the problem worse – even when the housing does get built.  Increasing the tax burden on businesses and working people that already pay the some of the highest taxes in the nation will only force more into homelessness!

According to Union Station Homeless services in Pasadena, 75% of the homeless became homeless because they were forced out of their homes by skyrocketing rents and declining wages.  It was after they ended up on the streets that the drug addiction and mental illness set in.

Once the most beautiful state in the nation and the top tourist destination, the homeless problem is killing the tourism industry in California. Tourists to California comment in travel forums how disturbing it is to step out of their expensive hotels and into a homeless encampment.  This has become the talk in international tourism publications and they now recommend that you vacation elsewhere. See our videos on what has happened to the Venice Boardwalk and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

California is such a wonderful place to live that 60% of California residents are looking for a way to leave.  The cost of living is at least 50% higher than in the rest of the nation.  

So are the businesses.  California ranks as the 2nd worst state to do business in.  In the economic boom years of 2018 and 2019 almost 1000 large businesses departed California.  Excessive taxes and extremely burdensome regulations simply make it too difficult to run a business here.

In 2020 the exodus has continued with California seeing major companies such as Tesla and Hewlett Packard announcing they are moving out.

California has some of the most corrupt politicians in the nation.  LA city councilman Jose Huizar and several other councilmen were recently arrested by the FBI in an elaborate pay to play scheme involving construction projects.  This involved taking large bribes from Chinese companies and approving building projects for those who paid that worsened the availability of affordable housing in Los Angeles.  

California Governor Gavin Newsom has been caught in so much corruption and double standards that a bi-partisan effort to recall him has reached over 1.2 million signatures.

California housing costs are 88% higher than the national average.

California gas prices are nearly double the national average.

The cost of living is so high in California that you need to earn $136,000 annually if you rent and $150,000 annually if you own your home to live comfortably.  

Yet the average income for an individual in California is just $31,000 per year.

Are you starting to see why there are so many tents on the streets?

California public schools, while well funded, rank among the worst in the nation at 38th.

The crime rate in Los Angeles is considerably higher than the rest of the nation.  Los Angeles even beats New York City for having the highest murder rate.

In a nationwide report by McKinsey & Company California ranked LAST in overall quality of life.  

You can see in the footage just how bad it has become.  

Consider yourself warned.  This is what Biden and Harris promised to bring to the rest of the nation. And they knew exactly what they were talking about when they did.

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