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Black Future Project: Seattle’s CHOP Comes to Los Angeles

I noticed a barricaded off encampment growing in Grand Park across from Los Angeles City Hall.  To put it in the same category as CHOP or CHAZ in Seattle isn’t exactly a fair comparison.  LA’s CHOP is much smaller and it is peaceful.  It’s called the Black Future Project.

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Information on the Black Futures Project is sketchy.  An instagram account by that name states it is “a protest group organized to elevate black lives.”  From the little media coverage I’ve been able to find on it, they intend to remain camped out in front of City Hall until their demands are met.  I’ve been unable to find what those demands are.

Here is where the info available gets confusing.  The group is connected to protests that happened on two occasions in Beverly Hills.  Most particularly the one on June 26th.  That protest resulted in 26 people being arrested and detained overnight.  Per one account, those people planned the Black Future Project while incarcerated.  Other accounts say the Black Future Project was behind the protests in Beverly Hills in the first place.

It’s also said that the group is inspired by the Occupy movements from a decade ago (think Occupy Wall Street etc) and the Black Lives Matter protests.

That’s all the info I have on the Black Future Project except to say that it is still there as of July 22 2020 and doesn’t show any signs of going anywhere.

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Photos after the break….

The Black Futures Project camped out in front of Los Angeles City Hall
BLM protests
Graffiti covers City Hall in Los Angeles after BLM protests
black futures project
The Black Futures Project camp in Grand Park

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