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Cacti Public Art Sculpture in WeHo


I’ve said a number of times how much Los Angeles stands in support of the arts.  No where have I seen as many art galleries or public art installations.

This one caught my attention a few months back when I was out on Santa Monica Blvd where it West Hollywood and Beverly Hills meet.  It’s in the median strip at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and Doheny Drive.

The work consists of several sculptures of various forms of cacti: the Barrel, Yucca, Agave, Nopales, Organ Pipe and Saguaro and span the distance of about a block.  You can walk down the path in the median strip and admire the beauty of them all.

The unique color in the translucent materials come from dichroic film and tinted resins that come alive in the sunlight, throwing colorful shadows across the grounds.

The public art installation was installed in November 2018 so it’s fairly new.  Nevertheless I’m surprised I haven’t seen any publications comment on the beautiful work before.

The Cacti installation was created by the artist James Peterson.  Peterson is a Michigan native with a BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design.  His work has been featured at the Pacific Design Center in WeHo, at Burning an, at the Coachella Valley Art & Music Festival, at Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami and many other places.

The installation is the work of the City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division which delivers a broad array of arts programs.

We’re coming up on the holiday season and I’d like to remind everyone that there is no better gift you can give than art.  Art will still be adding beauty to the home long after the new flat screen television set has worn out and it is likely to appreciate in value.  We recommend you check our post on the artists to watch selected by the curators of Saatchi Art.  The artists selected by the Saatchi curators have proven over time to be artists whose work appreciates.

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