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California Governor Gavin Newsom: The Fall of a Dictator and the Politics of “Science”

When the pandemic first reared its head, California Governor Gavin Newsom was quick to assume the role of Dictator.  Very quick.  He said he was helping while he demolished our rights.

Californian’s soon realized that Newsom’s orders have more to do with politics than science.  And now as Newsom begins to lift his draconian restrictions we can’t help but notice how each time he does, it coincides with major milestones in the effort to recall him.

When the Recall Newsom effort began, he said it couldn’t be done.  That it was a “Trump conspiracy”.  Every copy of the petition to Recall Newsom stated the “Trump Conspiracy” defense on it.

Either Newsom grossly underestimated just how many Trump supporters there are in the state of California, or it was truly a bipartisan movement.

We believe both are true.  As we’ve shown in earlier videos, President Trump had far more support in the state of California than the media ever let on.  As the Recall Gavin organizers stated, the movement to recall Gavin was the great uniter.  Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all want him out.

This isn’t hard to understand.  Even before the lockdowns of 2020 Newsom was failing in the eyes of his constituents due to the rising homelessness, skyrocketing taxes, and oppressive overregulation of businesses and individuals.  

But in 2020 he REALLY blew it.  

Newsom declared a state of emergency on March 4, 2020.  At the time there had been only one death attributed to the virus.  The declaration gave him dictatorial powers that he was quick to abuse.  Between March 4th and April 22 Newsom signed 32 orders that bypassed the state legislature, changed laws and stripped Californians of their rights.  

Each time the state of emergency was about to expire, he found a reason to declare a new one.  California spent the year of 2020 under one man rule.  That of dictator Newsom.  And the state suffered because of it.

Regardless of political affiliation, almost everyone in the state of California has felt the pain of one of more of Newsom’s orders.  Constituents will only suffer “for their own good” for just so long before they begin to fight back.

Though it was an unthinkable shock, we went along with the two weeks to slow the spread stay at home order in March 2020.  Until two weeks became two months.

Sending a billion dollars to China for face masks raised our ire even more. Los Angeles and San Francisco are home to some of the largest apparel manufacturing districts in the world.  The garment factories sat idle.  Why then did he contract with an auto manufacturer in China to make what we could do better in California?

We’ll never know. His deal was done without consulting the California legislature and his office has refused to release any information on the transaction.

Californians of all political parties found this upsetting.

Small, “non essential” businesses, restaurants, churches, and theatres were extremely hard hit by Newsom’s orders.  We saw the hypocrisy.  Churches had to close, but strip clubs could remain open. Small businesses were ordered closed, while their big counterparts could remain open.  Restaurants could only do take out, but liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries could remain open.

On several occasions Newsom began to relax restrictions only to order everything closed once again within a week or two of reopening.  Essentially California has remained closed for a year!

As the holiday season neared most thought things were slowly returning to normal. 

Nope!  Newsom would have none of that.

Newsom ordered Californians to stay at home for Thanksgiving and not to spend the day with family. Just after he was caught having dinner at the expensive French Laundry restaurant, indoors, with lobbyists from the medical industry.  

He “apologized” for his lapse in judgement, then promptly placed the entire state under a stay at home order through the holidays.  

The Christmas season is when most retail businesses make most of their money.  Those that had been able to survive the lockdowns thus far were counting on it to pull them out of the massive hole they were in because of it.   

Shopping districts around Los Angeles (and the state), some of which had gone all out decorating for Christmas to attract customer back sat empty.  No one was there to see the pretty lights and decorations.

The outdoor dining areas that have been built out onto the streets at great expense to comply with the earlier restrictions… empty.  The sidewalk cafes in West Hollywood and Beverly hills, deserted.  

And the for lease signs.  Anywhere you look in Los Angeles for lease signs replace the signs of the businesses that once operated there!

Their political parties don’t matter.  Their livelihoods have been destroyed.  They want Newsom out.

The lockdown was extended longer and longer until January 22 2021 when Newsom very abruptly removed the stay at home order.

What changed?  The cases being reported had not dropped.  The hospital capacity had not increased.  But two things were different.  Biden had just been inaugurated into the White House… and the Recall Newsom petition had reached the required number of signatures to recall him.

Still, great restrictions remained.  And the movie theaters, entertainment venues and theme parks which were the first to be closed remained closed.  Right up until the day the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign announced it had reached over 2 million signatures… and that 1.8 million of them had been verified.  Only 1.4 million are necessary to force the recall election.  This new milestone resulted in enough verified signatures to ensure the recall election would occur.

Newsom changed his tune fast.  

On March 10 2021 the Recall Gavin campaign announced the numbers.  On March 11, 2021 Newsom shouted to the heavens “Hey California you can reopen now.  Hey theaters and theme parks, you can reopen now.  It’s safe.”

Once again, there was no change in the number of “cases” or reported ICU capacity.  Now that’s what I call science!

Unfortunately, in showing the state that the “science” he used to justify shutting down our businesses, destroying our livelihoods and locking us in our homes was nothing more than politics at its worst, he has sealed his fate.  We all see through it! Many Californian’s have expressed concern that we will not be able to get an honest election when the recall election is held but there is a lawsuit currently working it’s way through the courts to deal with the fraudulent elections in this state. The mainstream media is refusing to cover it but you can get information on what the lawsuit is and its progress on the Fair and Transparent Elections website.

California shocked the nation. It stood up to a dictator and won.  The nation should pay close attention.  Because what happens in California sweeps the nation. And California has just sent a strong message to an elected official that those who fail to represent us, will not have careers in politics for long.

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