celebrities in Malibu
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Celebrities Arrive at Mastro’s Ocean Club

Former Versace model, Jennifer Pamplona, Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu California to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday.

Arriving guests include Marcela Iglesias creator of Plastics of Hollywood as soon to air Reality TV show and part of the show’s cast, Pixee Fox and Vinny Ohh.

The price tag at Mastro’s is a bit steep, but with its utterly relaxing and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean it is utterly worth it.  It should be on your list of places to go while in Los Angeles.

You will feel completely recharged after a visit there.  And if you can’t get enough of the ocean, the Malibu Pier is just a short distance up the road.

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celebrities in Malibu
Left to right, Marcela Iglesias, Jennifer Pamplona, Pixee Fox

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