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Celebrity Spotting and Healthy Fare at Gracias Madre

Unlike the celebrity spotting hot spot, Craig’s across the street, I don’t believe Gracias Madre opened its doors with the goal of becoming a celebrity hangout. Though this hip vegan hangout has become just that.

Rather Gracias Madre opened with the goal of bringing healthy, sustainable organic plant based foods to its clientele. The idea for the trendy restaurant was to bring the authentic organic Mexican foods to California.

The healthy menu and the killer atmosphere combined with its presence on the hip Melrose Avenue drew the all star clientele. Regulars include Ellen Degeneres, Mariah Carey, Selena Goez, Jessica Alba, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman and more. Paparazzi are known to be hanging outside the entrance hoping to capture a shot of one or more of them.

In addition to the healthy plant based food menu, Gracias Madre has a long menu of craft cocktails and efforts at responsible sourcing are evident there as well. Gracias Madre recently took a stand against a popular tequila making process called diffuser production. They no longer serve any products subject to this industrialized process that can be harmful to the environment, destroys jobs in Mexico’s agave industry, and produces a chemically altered spirit.

We recommend you put Gracias Madre on your things to do in Los Angeles if you are visiting (and if you are an Angeleno as well). The menu is reasonable priced, and the atmosphere is open and airy with a large patio seating area.

Gracias Madre is located at 8905 Melrose Ave. Valet Parking is available and we recommend you use it. Parking in this part of town is scarce!

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