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Christmas in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Pier Christmas

While the main Christmas events are over for the year in Manhattan Beach, you still want to swing by this luxurious beach town before the holidays are over.  The lights on the pier are beautiful, the restaurants are great and the parking is free.  That’s right.  All city parking is free in Manhattan Beach through Christmas.

free parking
Free Holiday Parking in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is one of the more luxurious and laid back beach towns in Southern California and it isn’t about to be outdone by any of the other towns in the South Bay.  The holiday season kicked off with the 30th Annual Pier Lighting and Holiday Open House on November 20th.

For about two weeks following the Christmas lighting ceremony the pier was lined with live evergreen trees for picture taking opportunities.  December 9th brought the holiday fireworks celebration and a Santa float traveled the streets from November 26th to December 14th as well.

While some of these things are over for the 2018 holiday season, strolling down the Manhattan Beach Pier under the Christmas Lights is one of the most relaxing things you can do.  Take your time and walk out to Roundhouse Aquarium with the Christmas Tree of lights on top of it.  Look out along the lights of the pier to those on the beach and listen to the ocean.  It is guaranteed to relieve any holiday stress you might have going on.

We mentioned free parking in Manhattan Beach through Christmas.  It really is.   (Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of Los Angeles would take the hint?) But do take note, even though there are pretty little red bags over all the meters, they also state you will be ticketed if you stay in the space longer than the allotted time marked on the signs.

Merry Christmas to you.  We look forward to another year of bringing you more about the Magic of LA.

See more pictures of the beautiful Manhattan Beach Pier Christmas lights after the ad break…

manhattan beach
Christmas lights lead the way to the Christmas tree on top of the Aquarium at the end of Manhattan Beach Pier
Manhattan Beach christmas
Holiday Lights in Manhattan Beach

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