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Coronavirus - BLM,  LA 2020

Coronavirus, Independence Day and the Fight for Freedom in Los Angeles

As Independence Day nears, American’s are faced with the prospect that we won’t be allowed to gather together and celebrate the freedom and independence our forefathers shed blood for.

We’re told that because of an “invisible enemy,” aka COVID-19 that we must sacrifice some of our basic rights… including the right to earn a living and provide for ourselves.  As our “two week quarantine” neared two months, Angelenos picked up the baton and began to fight for the freedom and rights that make our country what it is.  The land of the free.

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Edit June 30, 2020: Across the nation American’s have been told we will not be able to celebrate Independence Day 2020 on the coming Fourth of July. The irony of this is visible to anyone that respects our freedom, rights and the principles our country was built on. While the peaceful protests of those that simply demanded our Constitutional right to work, earn a living and pay our own way were viciously attacked in the media, the protests that followed were encouraged and praised. While some of those praised protests had up to 25,000 – 50,000 people (Hollywood), we are now being told we cannot gather to celebrate our freedom. I think that tells the whole story of current events. 

Though we won’t be able to watch fireworks at the parks in celebration, thousands of Angelenos celebrated Independence Day early by holding peaceful protests and demanding that our rights be returned to us.

In the first protest on April 22, Operation Gridlock, protesters remained in their cars and circled City Hall to prevent spreading coronavirus.  It was met with silence from our elected officials and brutal attacks in the media.  According to the media, the individuals out fighting for the right to earn a living and provide for their families were “selfish people that were going to cause the infection rates to skyrocket and kill millions with their protest.”

A week later the COVID-19 quarantine protesters returned to City Hall and protested again.  Again, silence from our elected officials and more media attacks of how the protesters were going to cause a spread of virus and “kill us all.”

By this time we have “flattened the curve”. We’ve learned that COVID-19 is much less contagious than we were initially told and that the real mortality rate is on a par with the common flu.  But instead of easing restrictions we were given more.  Among them are the threats that until “contact tracing” – a means of tracking each person we come into contact with in our daily activities (i.e. allowing he US government to spy on its own citizens without a warrant) – must be fully implemented before we can have our lives back.  Another is the threat of mandatory vaccinations for coronavirus (even though a vaccine has not been developed and vaccines for earlier variations of coronavirus proved ineffective) with the requirement that we must prove we have received the vaccination before we can enter the grocery store, attend school, work, or travel.

The right to privacy in our personal affairs without a court order otherwise and the right to decide what we put into our own bodies are the most fundamental rights an individual has.  They are being erased by the “invisible enemy” our elected officials claim we are fighting.

Still demanding our rights, protesters gathered again.  This time outside the Mayor’s house in Los Angeles.  Meanwhile, protests were occurring in every city in California, the nation and the world.

It’s true, our nation is at war with an “invisible enemy.”  It just doesn’t happen to be a virus.  It’s the people that have used the virus as an excuse to set aside our Constitution and rights.  And it’s the people that have worked so hard to get us fighting amongst ourselves.

This year as we celebrate Independence Day safely socially distanced in our homes, we should take time to reflect on the current threat to the freedom we cherish. To take time to look past the avalanche of media propaganda we are currently bombarded with. discover who it really is that is working so hard to end freedom for all.  Then take the actions necessary to protect our rights.

It’s only when we locate and bring to justice the right target – instead of fighting each other as our enemies want – that we will have a world where all men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Los Angeles, CA/USA – May 1 2020: Protesters against the COVID-19 quarantine hold signs near LA City Hall
Los Angeles, CA/USA – April 22, 2020: Freeom is Contagious sign in a car window during anti covid-19 quarantine

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