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Daily Photo: The Struggle to Reopen

This photo said a lot to me.  The businesses in Santa Monica were just beginning to reopen after a long quarantine over the coronavirus.  Before they could finish implementing everything to comply with the “new normal” and get their doors fully open, they were hit by a series of Black Lives Matter protests.

Most of the businesses in Santa Monica were hit.  This photo shows a woman in front of her shop which is boarded up and covered with graffiti speaking with a customer.   The photo below shows another boarded up business in the process of trying to open one again.

While these are depressing photos, they show the incredible backbone and determination American’s are known for.  We come back, we keep going.

For a more complete view of post quarantine and protests Santa Monica, see our video Santa Monica From Tourist Attraction to Boarded up.  Note, we have an extremely large collection of photos related to the coronavirus quarantine and the protests.  Our images are copyrighted.  Contact us if you need to license images on these subjects.

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Santa Monica, CA/USA – June 9, 2020: A Santa Monica business on posh 4th Street attempting to reopen after a long coronavirus quarantine and Black Lives Matter looting

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