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Deadly Cure: The COVID-19 Quarantine In Los Angeles

When the coronavirus panic began to hit Los Angeles in March, I began to document the catastrophe as it unfolded.  What I observed with my own eyes was frequently the opposite of what I was told to believe in the media and by our politicians and medical “authorities.

As Angelenos began to  “shelter in place” or practice being “safe at home” Los Angeles has never looked so forlorn.  Yet there was also a strange, surreal beauty in the emptiness as I captured Los Angeles in a way she has never been seen before…. and hopefully will not be seen again.

The footage in this video has been captured over a span of two months the various stages of the lockdown unfolded.  It shows LA in a way very few people have seen.

I hunted for the long lines of the sick and dying at hospitals.  The media said they were there.  They weren’t.  What I found were hospitals with coronavirus intake units outside that we’re deserted.  I saw the empty streets in downtown Los Angeles only to read how “overcrowding” and a lack of “social distancing” required us to shelter in place and not leave our homes.

coronavirus testing
Deserted testing and coronavirus intake area at Kaiser Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic

Angelenos were doing their part  We were staying home. I saw the deserted beaches… only to read about the “record numbers of people flocking to the beaches” in the papers the next day.  Then our Governor and Mayor ordered them closed.

As I observed what was playing out I couldn’t help but conclude that the cure was far more destructive than the virus.  In the two months that I have been documenting what I saw, over 50% of angelenos have lost their jobs.  For lease signs are appearing where profitable businesses used to be.  Many Angelenos have watched what they worked a lifetime to build be destroyed by the stroke of a pen.

I watched our Convention Center turned into a field hospital at a staggering cost… only to learn that it and similar field hospitals across the country were being closed after treating zero patients.  I saw the USNS Mercy Hospital Ship sail into our harbor with a staff of over 800 personnel to handle the “overwhelming patient load”.  It treated only 77 patients in the months that is was here.  The ratio of medical staff to patients on the Mercy was 10.38 staff to 1 patient.

The scope of the coronavirus never panned out to be anywhere near what was predicted.  The code of the computer program used to predict that “millions” of deaths that were to occur was examined and found to be faulty.  While one would think the only industry that would be doing well in a pandemic would be the healthcare industry, it’s the industry with the largest financial losses.  It was also laying off nursing staff. This is  despite generous reimbursements for coronavirus patients by our government that also mandated they stop treating any “non-essential” patients.

The “invisible enemy” the media told us to fear has turned out to be just that.  Invisible.  But the damage created by the non-stop message that we needed to be afraid has destroyed far more lives than the virus would have done at even the worst of the predictions.

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Redondo Beach Pier is completely deserted during the coronavirus quarantine. The following day media reports of crowds on the piers led to the closure of all piers in Southern California
Third Street Promenade open air shopping mall is completely deserted during coronavirus quarantine
beaches closed
Beach closed sign on the lifeguard hut at Venice Beach during the coronavirus quarantine
retail space
As re-opening started slowly after COVID-19 quarantine for lease signs began popping up on every block
A street vendor selling face masks during the coronavirus epidemic
field hospital
The Los Angeles Convention Center was converted into a field hospital for coronavirus cases, but it was not used

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