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Denny’s Sunset Joins the Many Restaurants that Won’t Reopen

This fenced in, graffiti covered boarded up building used to be a Denny’s Restaurant at the intersection of the 101 and Sunset Boulevard. It’s joined the many restaurants that won’t be reopening after the year long COVID-19 closures on restaurants.

I don’t have the specific details on this particular Denny’s, but I’ve read 15 of the restaurants won’t be reopening. It’s up to the franchise holder of each one. Many have found that a year of close, open with great restrictions, close again, open with bigger restrictions, close again coupled with the draconian restrictions on the current reopening are too much to bear.

They simply can’t earn enough to make a profit at the current reduced capacity, and they certainly can’t catch up a year of unpaid overhead. This particular Denny’s was a bit of a landmark. It was one of the places Angelyne fans could go to hope to get a glimpse of her dining or our in the parking lot posing for pictures. We’ve had the fun of working with Angelyne on a few occasions.

By an unofficial running count published by The Infatuation of restaurants that have permanently closed due to COVID-19 quarantines, at least 100 of your favorite LA restaurants won’t be coming back. Nationwide the number is staggering. Per USA Today, by July of 2020 72,842 restaurants had permanently shut their doors due to the financial strain of the extended lockdowns and restrictions.

It’s a tragedy that simply didn’t need to occur.

As time has moved on, it’s become increasingly clear that much of what has been done in the name of the virus is political. We are also learning that the early voices of dissent were right all along.

A couple of clear examples. California was screaming highest ever cases, zero ICU bed capacity since November and had the state under a new lockdown order. This was at its peak a few days before the inauguration.

Two days after the inauguration, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared it safe to reopen California. The cases and hospital capacity were no different. The only thing that had changed is a new President stepped into office. The same scenario repeated in other states.

About a week after the inauguration and media began to report there has been a miracle. Cases are in a decline. Down 67%. Somehow we were to believe that simply having a man that is suffering from an advanced case of dementia step into the White House miraculously cured the pandemic.

Most of us are smarter than that. What actually changed was that by some odd coincidence the World Health Organization stated on Inauguration Day that the way the COVID-19 test was being done was incorrect. It produced too many false positives and they changed the criteria so it would no longer do so.

Though thousands of doctors have been speaking out about how flawed the testing criteria was for a year, they were silenced. They were attacked and slandered. But on the day we seated a new president, the testing protocol was fixed. It is important to note here that the “cases” referred to in the media are people that tested positive… not people that were actually sick.

We’ve seen the same happen with the treatments. Since the first word of the pandemic was uttered, we were told the only thing that would save us is a vaccine. American taxpayers paid trillions of dollars to have one developed. I’ll repeat that. American taxpayers paid trillions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies to develop it. These same companies are now also profiting for each dose that is administered.

That’s a LOT of money.

Through 2020 a number of doctors came forward with workable treatments for the virus with success rates nearing 100%. One of these was hydroxychloroquine, a safe, effective and economical drug that had a 60 year track record of safety. Not only were the doctors and our then President who supported it viciously attacked, use of the drug was prohibited to treat coronavirus.

That is until we got a new President. Suddenly the medical associations that once attacked its use are now changing their position.

Now we see that not only did tens of thousands of restaurants needlessly go out of business, but hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives that may have survived had workable treatments not been denied them for the profit and political gain of a few.

All of what I’ve said here can be verified but you’ll have to do some creative searching to find it. When someone tells lies of that magnitude, they try to be a little quiet about it when they change their tune.

Moving forward in 2021 it will behoove us all to question what the “experts,” “authorities,” politicians and media tell us. And to hold them accountable for their lies.

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