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Do You Really Know What’s Going On? Christian Walker Exposes the Fake News

Do you really know what’s going on?  Not if you listen to the mainstream media!

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While American is one of the few countries in the world with a freedom of the press that protects it from government censorship, the mainstream media has shirked their responsibility to provide Americans with the factual information they need to make informed decisions.  They have sold out to the global elite pushing a socialistic and totalitarian agenda on the United States.  The bias of the media has long been known to thinking people, but it has only been in the last four years that the fake news has been exposed.

In this insightful interview with John Strand the #TruthMaverick, Christian Walker shines the light of truth on the lies being created and perpetuated in the mainstream media on a daily basis.  Walker notes that it was President Trump that first exposed the lies of the fake news mainstream media.  He dives deep into the truth behind such falsehoods as how the BLM riots were not the “peaceful protests” we were told, the lie behind “systemic racism”, what the Black Lives Matter organization really is, the the effort to convince Americans that America was never great.

Christian Walker is the son of the NFL football legend and MAGA supporter, Herschel Walker.  He has risen as a prominent political commentator exposing the truth behind current events in 2020. He delivers the most informative and objective words on how different the truth is than what we are being told we have to believe in the media that I’ve ever heard.  Be sure to watch the full video.

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