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Drop By LaScala To Sign The Recall Newsom Petition

After our 2 weeks to slow the spread and let the hospitals have time to prepare for the flood of coronavirus patients predicted by a computer program turned into a year long shut down for many businesses, taking out California Governor Gavin Newsom has become a priority.

Restaurants, bars and theatres have been particularly hard hit. While theatres have not been allowed to reopen in any capacity, restaurants have been subjected to a prolonged whiplash effect. Partial re-openings at great expense to comply with new regulations. Then closed down in a couple of weeks. Then limited re-opening, closed again. This has gone on all year and is harder on them financially than if they had stayed closed.

LaScala in Beverly Hills has clearly had enough of Newsom’s “scientific” mandates. Like Kitson’s dedicated their store windows to exposing the hypocrites that have made life a living hell for businesses, LaScala has filled their windows with Recall Gavin Newsom posters.

If you too have had enough of how Newsom has changed from California Governor to California Dictator, you can sign the petition to have him recalled at LaScala. The address is 434 N. Canon in Beverly Hills. I believe you can also sign the petiton at Kitson’s 115 Robertson Blvd. Or download and print the petition to sign on the RecallGavin2020 website.

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