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Echo Park Farmers Market

What better way to support small and local businesses than to shop at a Farmers Market?  Here you are supporting both small sole proprietor artisan businesses and local farmers… both of which we need to keep our economy healthy.

The Echo Park Farmers Market is on the smaller side, but it has a very friendly atmosphere, easy parking and friendly vendors. There was a good selection of fresh produce, fruits and berries.  Also locally raised honey and honeycombs, artisan breads, cookies, flowers, cookies, homemade candles and soap, and cooked foods.

There are so many reasons to shop here.  The food quality is much higher than in the grocery store.  It’s fresher and grown by local farmers I feel care more about the quality of their food.  It’s also more fun to shop outdoors and it invites a sense of community with everyone there… something that as been in short supply for the last year and a half.

These farmers and vendors also need our support. During the lockdowns, small businesses were disproportionately harmed.  They were shut down almost without exception, while the large stores like Target remained open, and internet giants like Amazon reported record sales.  As I’ve driven around LA, I’ve noticed that as the city has been reopening, many of the retail spaces that once housed small businesses now have for lease signs on them.  Far too many small businesses simply couldn’t survive the lockdowns, and the ones that did are struggling.

Small farmers are being threatened with extinction by large corporate mega farms.  With them come unsustainable farming methods that pollute the land, destroy the soil and yield inferior crops. 

We need our small local businesses and farmers as much as they need us.  Small business is the backbone of the American economy.  Let’s all do our part.  When possible lets give our business to the small businesses that are our neighbors.  

The Echo Park Farmers Market is at 1145 Logan Street in Echo Park.  Right at the intersection of Logan and Sunset Boulevard.  It is open every Friday from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

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