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Eight Beautiful Places to Heal Your Soul Near Los Angeles

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Right now I think we all need a beautiful, peaceful place we can escape to and heal our souls.  Honestly, it’s reached the point where it’s essential!

After several long months of being locked inside our homes due to the coronavirus quarantine we couldn’t wait to get back outside when restrictions were lifted.  But the environment was anything but peaceful when we did.  Chances are while trying to enjoy a relaxing day outdoors you would find yourself in the middle of a protest march.

It’s been a hard year and we need to nurture our souls in a big way. I’ve found that nothing revitalizes me more than being out in expansive space, particularly looking out over an ocean!  That’s why I’e created this list of beautiful places around LA to heal. I think when you visit one of them you’ll find you have a whole new outlook on life.  Also, there’s no safer place to be than out in the sunshine surrounded by wide open space.

Here’s our list of the Eight Beautiful Places to Heal Your Soul

1. The Malibu Pier

I put this first because the Malibu Pier is one of the most peaceful of all the piers in Southern California.  Lacking the amusement park, shops, vendors etc of the other piers, it’s a place to take a seat on a bench and drink in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the Chanel Islands in the distance.

If you like surfing, Surfrider Beach with its famous pipeline waves is north of the pier.  Or for the hikers just continue on up the beach until you hit the Malibu Lagoon and walk the path that circles the lagoon.

If you want to make it more than a day trip, the Malibu RV Park has spaces overlooking the ocean for 135 RVs and about 40 sites to pitch a tent.

2. Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Malibu Lagoon is just up the Pacific Coast Highway a bit from the pier.  It is a lagoon formed where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean.  Most of the year a sandbar separates the lagoon from the ocean.

The lagoon is part of the Pacific Flyway which is a path over one billion birds per year use to migrate.  They depend on their natural habitat being preserved and the lagoon is part of that effort.  Malibu Lagoon is home to about 150 different species of birds.

There is plenty of parking and a paved path surrounds the lagoon.  It’s a great place to relax, discharge your stress and re-connect with nature.

To get to Malibu Lagoon, take the Pacific Coast Highway past the pier to Cross Creek Road and turn left.  It’s the first light you will come to (I believe) after the pier.  There is a parking area and the fee is $12 for a day of parking and use of the park area.  The address for your GPS is 3999 Cross Creek Road, Malibu CA 90265.

3. Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in the Los Angeles area.  There is something so soothing about looking out over the marina at all the sailboats and yachts in the docks.

Like Pier 39 in San Francisco, Marina del Rey has a pier they have taken over for themselves.  You can see it from Burton Chace Park which offers views of the marina from three sides.  This is the place when your agenda calls for relaxation.  There are plenty of picnic tables an benches with views.

If you are feeling more active, then enjoy the marina from Fisherman’s Village.  The village is lined with shops, restaurants, fishing excursions, dinner cruises and more. 

To get there plug either Burton Chace Park or Fisherman’s Village into your navigation.

4. Venice Beach

Typically Venice Beach isn’t what I would consider a peaceful place.  Rather the boardwalk is known for a crowded funky vibe.  However, these aren’t normal times.  The boardwalk is considerably quieter these days.  Or avoid it completely and go to the Venice Pier.  This is always a peaceful haven.  It’s also a great place to cool off.  I’ve found it’s often 15 degrees cooler on the pier than on the beach!

The beautiful Venice Canals are between the two spots.  They are a breath of pure beauty and serenity.  Exactly what is and isn’t open here is a bit unclear.  California has been a bit fickle about reopening.  What is open today is closed tomorrow and then open again the next day.  But there is enough here that you will be able to find relaxing things to do that are open.

5. White Point Beach

White Point Beach is an undiscovered treasure in the Palos Verdas and San Pedro area.  You access the park where Western Avenue ends at the ocean. 

The park is on a bluff with views of the sea below and there is parking up on that level.  Or you can take the road down to the beach level.

White point beach if for the most part a rocky beach not well suited for sunbathing.  But it’s a great spot for tide pooling.  It’s also much less crowded than other beaches during the normal times, so you should have it pretty much to yourself if you go now.

6. Korean Bell of Friendship

The Korean Bell of Friendship is a beautiful artistic bell housed in an intricate pagoda.  It was a gift to our nation from the people of South Korea as a symbol of friendship between the nations.

It’s located in Angels Gate Park in San Pedro.  On a bluff high above the Pacific ocean you have commanding views across the ocean and over Los Angeles Harbor.

It’s slightly unclear from their website if the park is open.  It should be by now.  If not then head on over to nearby Point Fermin Lighthouse and park!

7. Point Fermin Lighthouse and Park

If you continue down Gaffey Street from Angels Gate Park, it dead ends at Point Fermin Park.  This is an expansive park with picnic tables, playgrounds and benches overlooking the ocean.

It’s also home to the famous Point Fermin Lighthouse and Museum.  The museum will still be closed for a while, but the park should be open and the whole goal of this post is to find spacious places with expansive views!

On the southeast edge of the park, you’ll see a gated off area that leads down to the old Sunken City.  This is a site where a section of San Pedro slid into the ocean during a 1929 landslide and consists of a jumble of broken foundations, sidewalks, pipes and other remains.  It’s strictly no trespassing for safety concerns, but urban explorers seem to sneak in daily.

8. Echo Park

If you don’t want to drive far, then Echo Park in the Silverlake/Echo Park area makes a great escape.  Walk around the path surrounding the large lake for some exercise, or sit on one of the benches and watch the ducks, turtles and enjoy the water lilies.

Echo Park is just south of Sunset Boulevard on Echo Park Ave

We hope this gives you some great ideas of where you can go to recharge your soul and get a new outlook on life!  We are adding more great places in Southern California to escape the madness for a while every week.  Sign up for our email list so you don’t miss out!

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