Haunted places for halloween in Los Angeles

Eight Super Spooky Los Angeles Places To Go On Halloween With Real Ghosts

spooky things to do for halloween
While everyone else is telling you about the big name spooky places to go for your Halloween scares such as the Queen Mary, the Knots Scary Farm, etc, we thought we would tell you about the scary places no one else is talking about. 

This Halloween, we recommend you do some real ghost hunting and ghost busting for Halloween. These are the haunted spots in Los Angeles where you can hunt for some real ghosts and let your frightful imagination run wild instead of jumping at the sight of a paid actor.

1. The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is the only big name scary place we are going to mention because it is also held in one of the most haunted spots in Los Angeles.

The Haunted Hayride filled with ghosts, ghouls, haunted trees, mazes, monsters and psychic readers. It is also located at the old Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park, both of which are known to be extremely haunted. So not only do you get to see all the paid spooks, you might get to seem some real ones too!  If you are brave, you can venture away from the Hayride in search of the resident ghosts of the Old Zoo and Griffith Park.

Watch our short little video of the Haunted Hayride below and watch our own Miss Kitty Fairlane interview the monsters and get a psychic reading at the Haunted Hayride.

It runs most every evening from 7:00 pm until about 11:00 pm. Tickets run from $39 to about $120 depending on what night and level of access.

4720 Crystal Springs Ave, Los Angeles 90027

2. Have a Brew Where the Black Dahlia Was Last Seen

Head on to the Frolic Room on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and enjoy a few brews in the bar the Black Dahlia was last seen. It is also the site of a grizzly modern day murder that had the Hollywood crowd looking over their backs for some time following. The Frolic Room is also in the same building as the Pantages Theater, home to three ghosts: Alexander Pantages, Howard Hughes and a former patron who died in the balcony during a performance.

6245 Hollywood Blvd.

See more spooky places for Halloween after the break.

3. Go ghost hunting under the Suicide Bridge

The Colorado Street Bridge has seen so many despondent people leap to their death that it has been nicknamed the Suicide Bridge. Naturally it has more than it’s share of ghosts.

One is the ghost of the construction worker preserved in the concrete of the bridge’s base. He currently haunts the bridge and beckons people to leap.  A woman that threw herself and her daughter over the edge is said to be seen haunting the bridge searching for her daughter.  Many misty forms are said to haunt the bridge including a man with wire rimmed glasses and a woman seen standing atop one of the parapets, vanishing as she throws herself off.

To see it exit Highway 134 at Orange Grove and head south to Green Street just beyond the freeway then right on to Grand Street.  There is a cul de sac with a grassy park like area and a path leading to the walkway along the bridge. BUT, if you are ghost hunting, a better place to spend your halloween is under the bridge. Just punch Colorado Street Bridge into Google Maps and you will see how to get under it.

4. Visit the Museum of Death

Museum of Death

If you want to set the mood for the spookiest of all of your Halloweens, stop by the Museum of Death before you go out for your Halloween fun.

As its name implies, the museum displays a wide variety of art and artifacts surrounding the subject of death. Baby coffins are in one section, letters and artwork from various serial killers in another. There are graphic photos of crime victims including the Charles Manson crime scenes and morgue photos for the Black Dahlia murder. The museum’s recreation of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide includes the original beds. However, the most notable item at the museum is the head of Henri Landru, a serial killer who was convicted of murdering 11 wealthy widows and burning their bodies.  He was guillotined to death in 1922 in Versailles.

6031 Hollywood Blvd

5. Try to get out of the Escape Hotel

The Escape Hotel is located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is the world’s largest multi-themed escape venue. Offering 10 different themed games, each room is a mystery to solve!  Choose between a Zombie laboratory, an abandoned hospital, a creepy Daycare, a bloody Slaughterhouse or Agent, Espionage, Circus, Witchcraft and Cocaine.

You will be checked in by ghostly front desk attendants and escorted to the room of your choice.  Regardless of your room choice, you might meet the “old guest” of the hotel who never got out.  Stuck here for eternity, he can easily disturb your stay.

The Escape Hotel costs about $39.00 per person.

6633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

6. Book a Room at the Roosevelt Hotel and Enjoy the Resident Celebrity Ghosts

Many celebrities loved the grand old Roosevelt Hotel on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so much that they never left. Book the Marilyn Monroe room and chances are you will encounter her ghost before you check out.

Other ghosts residing in the hotel are actor Montgomery Clift, Errol Flynn, and Shirley Temple.

None of these ghosts are particularly evil, but the Roosevelt will offer you the most luxurious Halloween you ever had.

7. Go Ghost Hunting at the Santa Monica Pier

Yes, even the Santa Monica Pier is haunted. It was also the location for a very spooky scene in the Sandra Bullock movie The Net.

The spooky rumors surround the Looff Hippodrome, the 2 story building that houses the Carousel on the lower level and offices upstairs.

Rumors are that a dark, shadowy figure can be seen wandering on the roof at night or riding the carousel horses. It’s one of the city’s most repeated urban legends.

Problem is the ghosts probably won’t come out until all the tourists have left, at which point the pier will be closed. So not only will you have to worry about the ghosts, but you will have to keep an eye out for security coming to chase you off the pier.  But no worries, if security runs you off of the pier, you can still do some ghost watching from under the pier!

8. Visit Peg Entwistle’s Ghost at the Hollywood Sign

hollywood sign ghost
Check out Peg Entwistle’s ghost at the Hollywood sign this Halloween!

Nine years after the Hollywood Sign was erected in 1923 a beautiful, distraught and most likely drunk 24-year-old actress climbed the 44 feet to the top of the H and leapt to her death.

From that day to the present, visitors and rangers report seeing a woman dressed in 1930’s clothing and smelling the scent of gardenias.

Chances are if you head up under the Hollywood Sign you’ll catch a glimpse of the beautiful actress floating around. For the record, Peg Entwistle didn’t leap because she was a failing actress. To the contrary, she was exceptionally beautiful and quite successful.

There you have it.  Eight special ways to make your Halloween a much more frightful night than all of the Angelenos that are headed to the typical Halloween haunts  If you do catch a glimpse of one or more of our ghosts, be sure to leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

Miss Kitty Fairlane gets up close and personal with the spooks at the Haunted Hayride

Haunted Hayride video Credits:
Filmed by Mark Stout Photography
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