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Eleven Places to Keep Cool During the LA Heatwave

cool off in LALA is experiencing record breaking heat.  Reports are of the temperatures hitting 113 degrees in downtown Los Angeles, 118 degrees in Beverly Hills and Pasadena and I have seen reports of it hitting 119 in parts on social media.  And it doesn’t seem any measures with the air conditioner are enough to keep it cool! That’s why we rounded up the following list of places to go to cool down.

Eleven Places to Escape the LA Heat Wave

venice beach
The Venice Beach Pier

1. Head out to Venice Pier.

My first choice would be the Venice Pier.  I’ve noticed when I have been there on hot days that when you hit the beach it is decidedly cooler than a block inland.  But when you get midway out the pier, the temperature drops a good 15 to 20 degrees from what it was on the beach!  That’s why it is the #1 choice!  Plus you can stop in one of the pubs and cafes where Venice Blvd ends at the water and go inside with the air conditioning for a cold drink.

2. Go to Manhattan Beach

I haven’t noticed the same drastic cool down effect at Manhattan Beach Pier as the Venice Pier, but it is a beautiful beach and pier in a great neighborhood.  If you go under the pier and out of the sunlight you should enjoy some of that much wanted cool air.  And if that isn’t enough, then dip yourself into the water for a bit and skip the toweling off!  The breeze on your wet skin should do the trick.

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Manhattan Beach
Waves Crashing Under the Pier at Manhattan Beach

3. Drive on up to the Malibu Pier

You can jump in your car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to the Malibu Pier.  It is one of my favorite drives, despite traffic and the pier has always been one of my favorite spots.

Malibu is out away from the city and the pier is long so you should experience some good cooling down breezes.  The beach is a bit on the rocky side, but there are good sandy spots and there are cafes on either side of the pier.

4. Skip the Drive and Check out Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area

If you aren’t in the mood to drive all the way to a beach, the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area might offer some relief.  Located on about Jefferson Ave and LaBrea, it isn’t out of the city by any means but it is a heavily wooded area covering a large space.

There is lots of shade, tons of picnic tables and a stream and a lake.  Kick off your shoes and dangle them in the water and enjoy a cool drink.

5. Rent a Paddle Boat on Echo Lake

Just south of Sunset Blvd on Echo Park Ave, Echo Park Lake is still in the city.  It won’t be as cool as the beaches, but has a big beautiful lake.  There is a boathouse with paddle boats that you can peddle out by the fountain and get the mist from the spray.

It’s a beautiful location.  Peaceful with lots of water lily patches, turtles, unique ducks and birds.

El Segundo beach
Playing in the waves at El Segundo Beach

6. Skip the Crowds at El Segundo Beach

El Segundo beach doesn’t have a pier or the typical shops and attractions of other beaches.  Just lots of sand and water.

The advantage is that it generally seems less crowded than the other beaches.  There is a good size lot with metered parking running the length of the beach.  Hop into the water and you should cool off just fine!

Access the parking lot by turning onto 45th Street from Vista Del Mar.  Note that south of 45th Street, Vista Del Mar changes in name to Highland.

7. Rent a Boat at Long Beach Harbor

Drive down to Long Beach and rent a boat at Long Beach Boat Rentals at Rainbow Marina.  This isn’t your cheapest option, but for a hundred bucks of so you can rent an outboard boat and put around in the harbor by the Queen Mary.

You won’t regret the investment.  Long Beach Boat Rental is at 401 Shoreline Village Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802.

8. Enjoy a Stroll at Pacific Palisades Park

Palisades Park
Palisades Park near the Santa Monica Pier

Just north of the Santa Monica Pier high on a bluff is Pacific Palisades Park.  Palisades park is a palm tree studded greenbelt with stunning views of the Santa Monica Bay.

The park runs along Ocean Ave between California Street on the south and about San Vicente Blvd on the north.  Metered angle parking is available along the length of the park.

9. Spend the Day at a Water Park

The ultimate cool down is to spend a day at a water park such as Raging Waters in San Dimas.  This isn’t your cheapest option, tickets for the day run about $45.00 but it is guaranteed to cool you off!

Raging waters has 50 or so acres of grounds and lots and lots of water slides and rides.

111 Raging Waters Drive
San Dimas, CA 91773

10. Play in the Fountain at Grand Park

If you live in DTLA and don’t want to venture out far, then go to Grand Park and play in the fountain.  The 12 acre park is just west of the Los Angeles City Hall and is a refreshing oasis of green in the city.

The Arthur J Will Memorial Fountain is located on the west end of the park.  This beautiful, restored historic fountain contains a “splash pad” where you can kick off your shoes and run through the water like a child.  At night it is beautifully lit.

The park and the fountain are located at 200 N. Grand Ave.

11. Take in the View at Angel’s Gate Park

Angel’s Gate Park sits on the top of a hill in San Pedro.  The point juts out overlooking the Long Beach and LA Harbors as well as the entire Pacific Ocean and cool ocean breezes are almost guaranteed.

It is also home to the Korean Bell of Friendship.  This massive and intricately-decorated bell and pavilion was donated in 1976 to the people of Los Angeles by the people of the Republic of Korea to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. independence, honor veterans of the Korean War, and to consolidate traditional friendship between the two countries. The bell is one of the largest bells in the world.

Malibu California
The Malibu Pier

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