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Elvira Macabre Mobile Makes Guest Appearance in Hollywood – 5 Photos

Elvira Macabre Mobile

Sometimes the car that appears in a movie or is owned by a star becomes just as famous as the celebrity.  Such is the case with the Elvira Macabre Mobile that was on display today in Hollywood.

The classic 1959 Thunderbird, first used in the Cassandra Peterson movie, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was on display at Sweets in the Hollywood Highland Mall today while hundreds of Elvira fans lined up to purchase Elvira merchandise and obtain the sexy mistress of the dark’s autograph… even though in this appearance she came as herself, Cassandra Peterson and not Elvira.  Somehow I think that was even more special.

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Elvira car
Elvira Macabre Mobile on display at Sweets in the Hollywood Highland Center

Elvria got her start in the early 80’s, hosting the Movie Macabre television in full Elvira getup.  The sexy Mistress of the Dark caught the attention of the right people and was soon cast in her own movie, “Elvira Mistress of the Dark.” A car was needed that would fit the role and Elvira happened to spot a black 1959 Thunderbird convertible and knew that was exactly the car needed.

The prop department set out in search of such a car.   The best they could find was a 1959 Thunderbird  hard top that didn’t run.  They chopped off the top, painted it black and added chrome accessories to give it that The car had to be towed in the movie instead of driven!. They chopped the top off to turn it into a convertible, painted it raven black and then added a ton of custom chrome accessories to give it ghoulish feel.

The Macabre Mobile was put up for auction after filming and was purchased by rock-and-roll photographer Lynn Goldsmith. Ten years later, Elvira got the car back.  It was in bad shape so she took it to George Barris, the man that created the original Batmobile.  It was given its Elvira bat hood ornament, the spider web frill and skull and crossbones hubcaps    Later still Elvria had even more work done on the car, adding the leopard print interior and had the inside of the trunk decked out like a coffin.

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The Elvira Macabre Mobile has made a number of pubic appearances such as 2002 Hollywood Christmas Parade along with its sexy owner, Evria.  It was on display in the Petersen Automotive Museum in 2015.

As a little side note, there are actually two Elvira Macabre Mobiles.  The one that was used in the movie was a 1958 Thunderbird.  The one that ended up in the Petersen Automotive Museum was a 1959 Thunderbird.  The cars made both of those years were essentially similar, so it was a simple matter to make them both look like the same Elvira Macabre Mobile.  The additional car was needed due to the number of pubic appearances necessary.

Stay tuned for more on Elvira, Mistress of the Dark coming soon!

See more photos after the break.

Elvira Macabre Mobile
Custom Elvira Hood Ornament
Elvira car interior
Leopard Skin interior of the Elvira Macabre Mobile
Skull and Crossbone hubcaps Elvira Thunderbird
Skull and Crossbone hubcaps on the Elvira Macabre Mobile

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