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Enjoy the 5th Annual Los Angeles Bread Festival with Dad at Grand Central Market

The Los Angeles Bread Festival is back and while it happens the day before Father’s Day, it’s a great place to take dad to celebrate.  After all, who does’t love great bread!

On Saturday June 15th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Grand Central Market is hosting the Fifth Annual Los Angeles Bread Festival. The free, one-day event is a celebration of Southern California’s artisanal bread renaissance and an invitation to the public to experience the many expressions of L.A. bread at its best.

The centerpiece of the festival is a pop-up marketplace showcasing local bread bakers, as well as bread-centric workshops and demonstrations.

Family-friendly events include demos and workshops led by Grand Central Market vendors including Olio Wood-Fired Pizzeria chef Brad Kent. Additional workshops led by guest bakers help you learn how to make focaccia, pita, biscuits, challah and more. All sessions are FREE.

The free festival is a wonderful opportunity to pick up local artisanal goods from participating vendors, such as salsas from Tijuana Freddy’s Salsa, pepper jams from Pepper Delight, and fermented products from Fermentality Lab.

Family-friendly events include demos and workshops by GCM vendors including Olio Wood Fired Pizzeria, and the city’s best bakers, who will be teaching how to make pretzels, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and more.

Grand Central Market is located at 317 S. Broadway.  The parking garage entrance is on 308 S. Hill Street.

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