Eric Early
LA 2020

Eric Early “The Rebels Burning Our Cities Are The Product Of Our Public Schools”

If you’re like most of us, you’ve wondered how all of these destructive rebels that are vandalizing, looting and burning our businesses, tearing down our statues and burning our churches appeared on our streets “overnight.”

In this insightful interview of Congressional Candidate Eric Early by #TruthMaverick John Strand, Early explains that these are the product of 20 years in a public school system that long ago abandoned academics and became political re-indoctrination camps instead.

Early tells how his law firm is representing parents in Santa Barbara against the pubic schools that have spent millions on a curriculum to teach our children to hate America, believe socialism is good, hate churches and engage in sexually perverse practices.

These radicals that have seemingly appeared overnight to decimate our cities are each individuals that have undergone a 20 year indoctrination to hate our country in the public schools.  Therefore, if we are to restore our country to the values on which it was founded, we must start by eliminating the Marxist curriculums that have entered our schools.

Running against Adam Schiff for CA District 28, Early reveals how Schiff was one of the leaders to the effort to impeach President Trump and lied to the public for over two years about the “confidential” evidence he had to justify it.  We now know that this evidence did not exist.

Eric Early is a strong supporter of school choice and currently advocates for creating a parallel school system that will allow parents to remove their children from the political indoctrination of the public schools in favor of schools that teach academics.

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