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Featured Business: Tropical Bomb Bath & Body

featured business

We bumped into Kelly Piorek down by the Huntington Beach Pier at the Art-A-Faire they have each Friday and decided to make her our featured business.

Kelly makes homemade body products with TLC and married that with her love of the beach.  Hence you can find her every Friday at the Huntington Beach Pier selling her hand made Perfume Oil, Shea butter, Lip Treats, Specialty Soaps, Coconut Hair Perfume and more from her tent alongside 50 other vendors.  You can also find her body products at her Etsy Store.

We enjoyed meeting Kelly and she seems to genuinely care about the quality of her products and takes care to ensure they are made with the highest quality ingredients.  We highly encourage you to head down to Art-A-Faire at Huntington Beach meet Kelly.  And of course check out the other artists and artisans there and enjoy some quality time on the Huntington Beach Pier.

As a note, we do encourage people to buy directly from the artists, artisans, and small local businesses.  These businesses are the backbone of the American economy and you are dealing with people that truly care about their customers and products.  They have to.  After all, they are standing right in front of you, not hiding in a taxpayer funded corporate tower!


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