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Featured Company: CheekyChaCha & Blowpaste

CheekyChaCha is a burgeoning company created by Jasmine Ejan and Steven Guistolise with a unique flagship product called Blowpaste.  We’re proud to have them as our sponsor for a series of comedy shows with comedian Aidan Park.

Blowpaste is “the revolutionary oral sex lube that is good for your teeth.” If that sounds like an odd concept, then watch the video above and you’ll understand why you want Blowpaste with you on your next date!  The product is vegan, gluten-free and American-made.

Having met the owners, we know they care about producing a superior product to others lubes on the market.  The all-natural ingredients like Wintergreen Oil (and “love”) promise a tingly sensation with a delicious taste and no greasy of sticky ingredients to leave you feeling like you need to freshen up after you do the deed.

Make sure you order your tube of Blowpaste before your next date by clicking the banner below!




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