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First Event in My New DTLA Photo Studio

APA LA Board Meeting in My new Photo Studio

At this point I have been in Downtown Los Angeles about 2 weeks.  I’m still trying to get the studio build out finished, but I wanted to open up the space to American Photographic Artists for the APA-LA Board Meeting.

I had served as the Chairman of the Board of APA Colorado for several years.  I was excited to be in LA where the chapter was much larger and stronger.  And also to be in a city where the professional resources commercial photographers need are readily available.  It is such a convenience to be able to just drive down the road to and get whatever I needed for a shoot in a hurry rather than to have to order it out of New York or LA when I was in Denver.

This photo was taken from the upper level of my studio.  Pardon all the bald heads!

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