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From Climate Change to Coronavirus in Beverly Hills

Last September I went with a friend of mine to a “climate change” protest rally in Beverly Hills.  I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the signs the protesters were holding had nothing to do with global warming… excuse me, I mean climate change. Instead most of them said something to the effect that capitalism and or democracy must end for the sake of the earth.

Though this was suppose to be a grassroots event, it was part of a series of “Climate Strike” events going on all over the world.  People on the ground told me that there were six different “global” organizations represented at the protest.  In other words, this “grassroots” protest was an extremely well organized and well funded series of events.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA/USA – SEPTEMBER 26, 2019: A protester holds a sign saying capitalism must end at the Climate Strike in Beverly Hills

Flash forward a few months to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills during the coronavirus “epidemic” and we find completely deserted streets, empty sidewalk cafes and boarded up retail stores.

It looks to me like they reached their goal.  To end capitalism.  There is no commerce going on at all in Beverly Hills now.

I also find it interesting to note that just prior to the coronavirus any news article dealing with the weather always contained the phrase that it was a sign of climate change.  Many of us remember that they used to call it global warming, but as record cold temperatures moved across the world a new buzz word was obviously needed.  Personally, I liked it better when we just called it weather.

Now we hear nothing about climate change or global warming.  It has been replaced by the “novel” coronavirus.  It’s now the only thing we hear and any news on it contains the word “novel.”  Perhaps we wouldn’t be scared enough if they didn’t tell us it was new (like we never had a new virus before).

I know there will be people that will now attack me for not caring about our environment.  That isn’t true.  I care about it a lot and think we need to protect it.  I just don’t believe caring with the environment should be used as a club to end freedom and democracy.

Beverly Hills, CA/USA – March 27, 2020: A closed sidewalk cafe in Beverly Hills during coronavirus quarantine

Likewise I have been attacked for saying we need to lift the oppressive quarantines as wanting to see people die.  The opposite is true.  A quarantine is used to isolate those that are sick, but in this case we are isolating those that are healthy.  Per an article authored by Dr. Fauci himself in the New England Journal of Medicine and punished on March 26, 2020, the novel coronavirus is no worse than the annual flu and probably has an actual death rate of 0.01 percent.  That’s a far cry from what he is telling our President, our Governors, the Media and the American pubic.

I also find it alarming that the World Health Organization writes on their own website that “Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment” yet they are the primary ones fanning the flames of panic and demanding a global shutdown.

And I do believe it is a crime to spread false information that has shut down millions of American businesses and forced over 16 million Americans onto unemployment.  The financial ruin of our country and most businesses and individuals within it is doing far more harm than the virus.

Just as the global warming protesters held signs saying capitalism and democracy must end, there just might be a different agenda behind the coronavirus “pandemic” than a desire to protect the health of the older people they state are at high risk from the virus.

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Beverly Hills, CA/USA – March 27, 2020: Famous Rodeo Drive is completely deserted on a Friday afternoon during coronavirus quarantine
BEVERLY HILLS, CA/USA – SEPTEMBER 26, 2019: The Climate Strike becomes more anti-capitalism than anti global warming
Beverly Hills, CA – March 26, 2020: Deserted streets and closed stores on Rodeo Drive during COVID-19 quarantine

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