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From Jailhouse to White House – Jesse Holguin Founder of the Lexit Movement

Jesse Holguin grew up with gang members as his role models. He wanted to be in a gang and eventually became the leader of a gang.

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He ended up in jail at a very young age. As he was working to get out of the gang lifestyle, he ended up being shot. The bullet pierced his lung, and his spine leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. It was a miracle that he lived.

He said as he was being taken to the hospital, he reached out to God, asked for help and swore he would never be involved in a gang again.

Jesse survived. He became a Christian and devoted his life to helping others. Many of the members of his old gang have also left the gang lifestyle.

As a latino, he had been taught that the Democratic party was the only party that supported minorities. But he began to see that what the Democratic party was saying went directly against his Christian values… and the values of the latino community as a whole.

Inspired by how Candace Owen created the #BLXIT movement, Jesse started the #LEXIT movement – Latinos Exiting the Democratic Party. The movement grew rapidly.

As a result of his work, Jesse was invited to the White House on six occasions and had the honor of meeting President Donald Trump. Please enjoy Jesse’s message of hope and inspiration.

Now that the election is over Jesse discusses current issues and the way forward for #LEXIT. Follow Jesse on Facebook @RealLexit Instagram @LexitMovement Parler @RealLexit and on YouTube  @REALLEXIT 

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