Farmers Market Coronavirus
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Garcetti Closed LA Farmer’s Markets Even Though They Are Essential

Farmers Market COVID-19

As the COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions have increasingly been made stricter across Los Angeles, I’m routinely finding what I read in the papers or see on the news is in direct contrast with what I see with my own eyes.

In a number of instances new restrictions have been imposed based on “media reports” that social distancing isn’t being followed.  Yet in each of these cases I’ve noticed the opposite was true.

Though grocery stores are considered an essential business, Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered all farmers markets to be closed.  He after said they were dangerously overcrowded in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps he saw some alarming photos in the media such as the one of the mass burial of coronavirus patients in NYC that was proven to be utterly fake (yes there was a burial, no they were not coronavirus patients)

These photos are of the farmer’s market near me in Los Feliz.  It doesn’t look particularly overcrowded to me.  The photo was taken the week before he ordered them closed.

Some of the farmers markets have since been allowed to re-open after setting up restrictive procedures but I have to question the logic of closing them in the first place.  A person is much less likely to be infected with the coronavirus outdoors in the open air than in the confines of a grocery store.

The restrictions have become increasingly restrictive despite increasing evidence that COVID-19 is no where near as serious as we were originally told.  According to the World Health OrganizationMost people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.”

This doesn’t seem to justify closing down most of our businesses, putting over 16 million people out of work.  And as you will see in other posts I’m doing on this subject, our hospitals are not overloaded, but we do have some OTHER serious public health problems that are being ignored. 

If you follow along you will also see some incredibly beautiful sights that show just how beautiful Los Angeles is when you can see past all the people!

More photos after the break…

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