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The Ghosts of the Pantages Theatre

ghosts of the pantages

Maybe it is something about Hollywood itself that gets the imagination going for there seem to be ghosts in just about every historic Hollywood theatre and landmark.  The Pantages Theatre claims to have three of them.

ghosts pantages
The Pantages Theatre is said to be haunted.

The Pantages Theater was named after Alexander Pantages.  It was purchased by Howard Hughes in 1949 and his apparition is said to still be there.

According to theater legend, a 1990 break-in by vandals spurred the hauntings on the second floor where Hughes had his office. People have said they felt  a presence, an unexplained breeze, or cold spots and seen a man’s apparition near Hughes’ office. The sound of desk drawers rattling and the smell of cigarette smoke also have been noticed.

But the once wealthy Hughes (ghosts don’t have much use for money) has company  Another ghost in the Pantages dates back to 1932.  It;s of a patron who died in the mezzanine during a performance in 1932. Her singing has been heard throughout the building.

Hughes shares the theatre with still another ghost.  That is the ghost of Alexander Pantages himself.  I just hope the two were happy with the terms of the sale of the theatre to Hughes!

My advice is that if you are taking in a play or performance at the Pantages Theatre, see if you can find a way to slip up to Howard Hughes office on the second floor and ask him for a cash advance of a million or two.

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