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Christmas is coming fast, but if you can squeeze in a minute be sure to make it to Winter Glow in Grand Park.  Christmas Day is the last day the interactive art exhibit/Christmas lights.

The Christmas light display at Grand Park is decidedly different than other Christmas decor around Los Angeles.  Though it does have two large Christmas trees, it departs from traditional Christmas lights right there.

Winter Glow is actually 22 interactive, illuminated art installations at Grand Park.  The artworks featured are all from local artists and organizations.  Among them is one you can walk inside of and change the color of the light by touching sensors.  The Arthur J. Will Memorial fountain is bathed in Christmas colored lights with a cool twist I didn’t know about when I visited.  You can sit at a computer near the fountain and create your own light patterns!

The Christmas tree on the west side off of Grand Ave is a massive traditional evergreen tree complete with ornaments, lights and massive Christmas gifts under the tree.  Looking at the tree from Grand Ave you’ll notice that it’s in perfect alignment with the City Hall Building.  On the east end at Broadway, the tree is smaller and more of a modern art Christmas tree of stacked illuminated ornaments… much like the tree at FIGat7th.  Again it is in perfect alignment with the City Hall building.

Though the area is a hub of activity with Angelenos gathering for shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Walt Disney Music Hall, the Music Center and Winter Glow, the feeling is peaceful and relaxing.  A stroll through Winter Glow at Grand Park will have you inspired and optimistic.  It’s a great way to revitalize yourself for the new year.

Admission is free. Grand Park is located at 200 N. Grand Ave in downtown Los Angeles.  Parking is available under the park and in lots around the area.  It is also easily accessible via the Civic Center/Grand Park Station on Metro’s Red and Purple Lines.

See the photos of Grand Park Winter Glow after the ad break…

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Grand Park Christmas

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Grand Park Christmas

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