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Haunted! TCL Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood has Two Ghosts

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

TCL Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and one of the most lavish movie palaces ever built.  It’s also quite haunted.

Ghosts, it would seem, have a particular fondness for Hollywood.  So many places along the Walk of Fame have multiple ghosts.  Grauman’s Chinese Theatre reportedly has two ghosts.

The interior of the theater is haunted by ghostly little girl named Annabell.  She roams the backstage area of the theater, tugging on curtains and appearing to startle the staff.

In more recent times, the forecourt became haunted as well.  As the story goes, Actor Victor Kilian, best known as the Fernwood Flasher on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, was beaten to death in his apartment near the theatre in 1979 (1982 by some reports).  While enjoying a drink at a nearby bar, Kilian struck up a conversation with a stranger.

Authorities believe that the two of them left the bar together and went to Kilian’s apartment. It was here that the actor’s badly beaten body was discovered the following day. His apartment, located just a block away from Graumann’s Chinese Theater, had been burglarized. His killer was never found but Kilian has never given up his pursuit of the man who killed him. His ghost is see walking the route from the Chinese Theatre to his old apartment, most likely hoping the murderer will return to the scene.

Local lore has it that his ghost still walks the route from the Chinese Theater to his apartment, perhaps hoping that his murderer will return to the scene.


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