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Hollywood Attractions: Snow White Cafe


Tucked in the shadow of the Hollywood Wax Museum you could easily miss The Snow White Café.  Don’t!

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Snow White Cafe on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

It is perhaps one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets and it is also one of the most unique places where you stop in for a beer and a meal when you are visiting all of the tourist attractions on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  As you enter, look up.  You’ll see a historical mural crafted by the very hands that gave life to the Disney’s classic, Snow White.

The Snow White Cafe is a Restaurant, Lounge and Bar which opened it’s doors in 1946 and it has been a favorite of the local crowd and for tourists since than. It’s decorated top to bottom with murals paying tribute to the animated Disney classic, Snow White & The Seven Dwarves. It is said that the murals were a gift from a group of Disney animators who used to breakfast there every day before going to work.

It has remained a hangout for artists and creatives and is a place you will want to see while visiting Hollywood and Los Angeles for the truly unique theme and decor.  You’ll find it at 6769 Hollywood Blvd, right next to the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Click the link above to see their menu.  It isn’t the biggest menu I’ve ever seen, but you will still want to put this cafe on your things to do in Hollywood list.

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