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Hollywood and Vine: Places to Visit in LA

Hollywood and Vine


Perhaps the most famous intersection in the United States is the one at Hollywood and Vine.

It became famous in the 1920s for its concentration of radio and movie-related businesses. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is centered on the intersection. It is also a favorite tourist destination for those visiting Los Angeles.

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The Walk of Fame at Hollywood and Vine

Today, not many production facilities are located in the immediate area. One of the few remaining is the Capitol Records Building. And there are still a number of the grand venues and buildings in the area, such as the Pantages Theater and the Redbury Hotel.  A number of Hollywood tour busses and services are available in the area.  You will most likely see someone on the corner handing out flyers for one or more of the services.

During the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1920s, the area began to see an influx of money and influence as movie and music businesses began to move in, turning the local farms and orchards into movie backlots. Hollywood and Vine was the second busiest intersection in the area, after Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue.

In the 1930s radio programs such as KFWB and the CBS Lux Radio Theater spoke of “broadcasting live from Hollywood and Vine,” and newspaper columnists Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper touted the intersection’s mystique.

The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame was installed in 1958 with its central point being the intersection of Hollywood and Vine.

The area fell into disrepair in the sixties, but over the decades much has been done to improve it once again.  If you are planning a trip to see the sights of Los Angeles, then Hollywood and Vine and the Walk of Fame should be on your list.

Hollywood and Vine
Famous Capitol Records Building

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