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Hollywood’s Most Haunted Theatre: The Avalon

ghosts of the avalon

Avalon Hollywood has one of the richest histories of any venue in Hollywood.  The landmark theatre has hosted and launched the careers of some of the biggest celebrities and recording artists. And apparently many of the performers and patrons loved the grand theatre so much they never left!  Not even after death.

We covered the history of the Avalon Hollywood in another post, so we won’t go into it again here.

We then proceeded to Avalon, formerly known as The Palace, where we heard about a couple of ghosts said to haunt the old building.  One is a piano player who has been heard playing beautiful jazz music upstairs – the musician is heard, but not seen.

There is an invisible jazz pianist that plays after hours in the intimate club room upstairs. He is heard but never seen.  Perfumed women in high heels are heard and smelled, but not seen. A handsome man in a tux roams the theatre. Employees have reported strange messages coming out of the club’s adding machines and cash registers. A well-dressed 1930s couple is seen sipping drinks in one of the private boxes. Women have reported a girl sobbing in a locked stall in the main lobby women’s lounge. Patrons complain about talking in the balcony during the show, even thought he balcony is closed.

There is a cold spot in the balcony and a woman’s scream has been heard from there.  There is another cold spot by the backstage stairs.  As the urban legend goes, a chorus girl broke up with her boyfriend at the backstage stairs, then went on stage. Moments later, he climbed to the catwalks and threw himself onto the stage, dying in front her.

Well, that is a LOT of ghosts to be hanging out in one old theatre, no matter how famous it is.

Our advice? If you want to go to a show there, don’t let them scare you off.  They are too busy reliving moments gone by to be worried about you.


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