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Homeless Man Sleeps Next to a Sidewalk Cafe

homeless man by sidewalk cafe
A homeless man sleeps beside a sidewalk cafe.

The area pictured in this photo is the Los Feliz neighborhood, which is actually one of the more desirable parts of Los Angeles, where it borders Thai Town and Little Armenia.  The sidewalk here on Vermont near Franklin St has some of the coolest sidewalk cafes, movie theaters, shops, bookstores and street art you can imagine.

 I will be posting specific reviews about the shops soon.  They are worth a visit when you want to step off of the tourist beat.

I took this particular photo due to the juxtaposition of the homeless man sleeping next to a sidewalk cafe.  It is one of the things you just get used to when you live in the City of Angels.

Throughout Los Angeles the tents of the homeless are a common sight.  In a district named Skid Row (yes, the city has actually named one of its districts that) the tents of around 50,000 homeless people have taken over the streets  But they have sprawled far beyond that.  Short of the most expensive neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills, Belair, and Malibu, the scene in the picture is a common sight.

I find the situation of the homeless here so unthinkable that I published a fine art book about it in the hope presenting the homeless shelters as art would raise people’s awareness of the problem and that more work work to help solve the real problems that lie beneath it.

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