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How Fashion Designs are Manufactured

As part of our ongoing Fashion Week project to show you what occurs behind the scenes in the fashion industry, we have created this video on how a video goes from concept to showroom.

To show you this fascinating journey we teamed up with Indie Source, a full package garment manufacturer.  Indie Source is a unique company that has collected all of the resources together under one roof to help fashion designers take their designs from concept through each step of the process to market.

In this video you will see how a design moves from concept, to the planning meetings, to sourcing of materials, pattern making, cutting, sewing, fitting sessions and finally into production and marketing.

Indie Source believes in local for local meaning that local vendors are used to create designs for local designers.  While this goes against trends to offshore fashion manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor like China, it’s one of the reasons Indie Source is able to provide concept to marketing production that is affordable for emerging fashion designers.

Dealing with local vendors eliminates much of the risk, avoids uncertainties with tariffs, eliminates shipping costs, allows clients to make smaller production runs and removes the possibility that their patterms will be stolen for knock offs.  Most of all it allows the designer and Indie Source to keep efficient control over the process through each step to completion.

While Paris, Milan and New York City are typically thought of as the fashion hubs of the world, Los Angeles is actually the largest fashion manufacturing hub in the world. Indie Source has capitalized on this wealth of resources for the benefit of the city and the designer.

Please enjoy our video on how the fashion industry works.  Visit for more information.  See the other videos we did with Indie Source below the ad break.  Contact us if you would like us to consider featuring your local Los Angeles business.

Video produced by Mark Stout Photography.

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Indie Source Founders right to left Jesse Dombrowiak and Zack Hurley

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