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How the Endless LA Lockdowns Turned Echo Park into a Homeless Encampment

Through the lockdowns of 2020 we’ve seen the destruction of almost everything Los Angeles has to offer as a city. Here we look at how the once beautiful Echo Park has been destroyed.

In the video above, you can see how Echo Park transformed from one of the most beautiful parks in the city into a massive homeless encampment between February 2020 and November 2020. It’s heartbreaking.

Note: This article was published on December 29th. On December 30th a dead body was found floating in the lake at Echo Park. This underscores how serious the decay of this neighborhood park has become.

In the video below, you can see the breathtaking beauty of Echo Park when we wrote about it a year ago. It was an oasis just a few miles outside of downtown Los Angeles. Families flocked to the park to walk around the lake, ride the paddle boats around the fountain, feed the ducks and geese, picnic and enjoy the beautiful aquatic gardens.

Echo Park before the quarantines and unemployment drove homeless into the park.

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The two weeks to slow the spread quarantine in March became two months. Reopening was only partial. The businesses that were allowed to reopen did so at great expense to comply with the safety protocols, and at drastically limited capacity.

Naturally, when we did begin to reopen, we saw in increase in coronavirus cases. This was unfortunately used to shut them all down again. The open again, closed again happened multiple times. Over 3 million Californians lost their jobs and over 60% stated they suffered a drastic loss of income over 2020.

Those that went back to work once the first quarantine was relaxed quickly found themselves unemployed again. Despite a moratorium on evictions, many lost their homes. It became a common sight in Los Angeles to see someone’s belongings tossed to the street beside an apartment building.

The homeless population in Los Angeles has nearly doubled in 2020. It’s difficult to find a block in the city without their tents on the street. Echo Park gives you an idea of just how many have lost their homes.

Contrary to popular belief, these are not drug addicts and alcoholics. They are the newly homeless. By many of the tents you see what little bit of their furnishings and belongings they managed to drag with them.

Los Angeles, CA USA – November 15, 2020: A family’s furnishings on the street after an eviction following long coronavirus lockdowns

The lockdowns clearly haven’t worked. I’ve reported this before. California was the first state to lockdown. Per data from Google Maps tracking the location of people’s cell phones, California residents obeyed the stay at home order better than any other state in the nation. California was the last to begin reopening, had the most restrictive provisions in place and was the most limited in what it allowed to reopen. Many businesses have not been able to reopen in any capacity since the initial quarantine order.

Yet just in time for Thanksgiving and the Christmas shopping season, California was put under full lockdown once again. Now after a full month of the new stay at home order, we’re being told that we have the highest number of coronavirus cases in the nation.

It doesn’t add up. If lockdowns work, they why does the state that locked down longer and tighter than any other have the highest number of cases?

Nearly a year of lockdowns has proven conclusively that they don’t work. It’s also proven that they destroy lives. Millions of Californians have lost businesses they spent years building, their jobs, their life’s savings, their homes and their cars, and their hope.

Simply put the lockdowns are the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.

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Homeless tents line the paths around the lake in Echo Park in Los Angeles
Homeless encampment at Echo Park in Los Angeles

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