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How To Get Toilet Paper During COVID-19


This isn’t the first time we’ve had a toilet paper shortage.  I remember one that happened in the wake of the gas shortage in the Seventies.  I didn’t get it.  Why did a “scarcity” of gas make people feel the need to hoard toilet paper.  And for those that remember those days of waiting in line for gas only to have them run out when you finally got to the pump, there was no actual shortage of gas.  There was a surplus but politics were such we weren’t allowed to have any of it!

Fast forward to 2020.  A virus breaks out in China and the world runs out of toilet paper long before we started facing our first COVID-19 quarantine orders.  Again it doesn’t make sense and again politics is playing a heavy hand in the world scene, the quality of our lives and the solvency of our businesses.  I guess the thing to do when things get bad is to buy toilet paper!

I’ve seen some really creative memes on the matter, but this guy decided to be the meme.  I found him on the otherwise completely deserted Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica a few days before the stay at home order came down.  From his sign, toilet paper had taken a higher priority than food.

I chatted with him a moment or two and he told me his sign was a hit.  That people were actually tossing rolls of toilet paper out their car windows as they drove by.

So, if you are finding you still can’t find some of the tissue in any of the stores you wait in line to get into, then grab a sign and have a seat on a corner.  You should have enough to carry you through in an hour or so.

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