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Iconic View of Downtown Los Angeles

One of the best places to get a stunning view of downtown Los Angeles is from Vista Hermosa Park. This shot of the bench overlooking downtown LA is one of the most iconic views the city.

It’s located at 100 N. Toluca St in Los Angeles. The park has a parking lot. It is a bit on the small side, but when I went there I had no difficulty finding a space. However, when I left others didn’t seem so lucky. But there is also plenty of parking on the street.

I guess you would call this a sports park. You hike up a trail that is an easy climb a ways to get to the open grassy areas where volleyball games, soccer were going on around people enjoying picnics. There were bathrooms and a quiet little stream and waterfall.

For me the attraction was to check out the view of Downtown Los Angeles from the park that I had been hearing about. It wasn’t quite as impressive as I had hoped but that bench overlooking downtown is one of the most photographed views of Downtown LA there is (with the bench included in the shot!).

This is a “safe” family-oriented park and one where you should feel safe bringing your children. And if you work in the area, it can be a nice place to get away from downtown and enjoy a sack lunch outdoors.

The park is open dawn to dusk.

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vista hermosa park
Waterfall in a small pond at Vista Hermosa Park

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