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In an industry known for manufacturing their high end apparel and accessories in sweat shops overseas, Indie Source stepped up with a unique business model that operates on then premise “Local for Local”

Never has this been more important.  As the COVID nightmare has played out, we’ve seen the huge box stores and dominant e-commerce retailers profit at the expense of the small businesses that were forced to shut down during the quarantine and the long drawn out re-opening. The small businesses that are the backbone of the American economy are now faced with months of back rents to catch up and very few customers.

But Indie Source chose Local for Local far ahead of the pandemic.  As a full package garment manufactures that helps fashion designers take their concepts from design to market.  While it bucked the trend to offshore fashion manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor like China, they saw good sound business reasons to operate locally.  In fact, not offshoring the manufacturing is one of the key reasons they are able to provide affordable concept to market production for emerging fashion designers.

While it isn’t typically thought of as a key fashion hub, Los Angeles is one of the key fashion manufacturing hubs in the world.  Indie Source recognized that working with local vendors limited the risks associated with offshore manufacturing offshore.  Shipping costs are eliminated.  Concerns over changing tariffs and trade regulations are eliminated.  It also helps eliminate the problem of knockoffs being created to compete against your brand.

When selecting vendors, staff from Indie Source can actually drop by in person to verify the quality of the products they supply and the integrity of their operation… without the expense of overseas travel!  The bottom line is that despite the illusion that it’s more economical to offshore, the reality is that it can be much more efficient and cost effective to work locally.

This also helps our local economy.  I can’t overstate how important this is.  A business or an individual is only as successful as those around him are!

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Videos by Mark Stout Photography

See more of our videos with Indie Source on how fashion designs are manufactured below the break.

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