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Interview: 8mm Talks About their New EP & Successful Music Licensing Model

Whether or not you have heard of the band 8mm, you’ve heard their music.  With an unbeatable combination of talent and a highly successful music licensing model, over 80% of the band’s songs have been licensed for use in major motion pictures and “television” series.

LA Music Scene
Juliette Beavan, 8mm EP Release, Heart-Shaped Hell. More photos below the ad break.

You’ll hear their music on Underworld: Awakening, Dirty Little Liars, “Mistresses, Grey’s Anatomy, Nip Tuck, Nikita, One Tree Hill, Shark, Cold Case, Moonlight, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Frankenstein, The Flash, Kings, You’re The Worst, Being Human, One Tree Hill, Lost Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and so many more.

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During the release of their new EP, Heart-Shaped Hell at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, Sean and Juliette Beavan granted Totally-LA an exclusive interview where they talk openly about the birth of 8mm and their successful DIY music licensing model that caused them to become one of the most licensed bands in the music industry.

Sean and Juliette share how different their backgrounds were in music at the inception of 8mm. Sean was a Grammy nominated music producer, working with such notable groups as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, Slayer, Churchill and more.  Conversely, Juliette’s inauguration into music happened when she was handed a microphone and told to sing.

We hope that as Sean and Juliette share the story of 8mm and their licensing model other recording artists will gain the inspiration and knowledge to take their own business models to new levels of success.

Stay tuned.  We will be bringing you a review of Heart-Shaped Hell and some footage of their EP release at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood in the next few days.  Meanwhile, you can find out more about 8mm on their website and stream Heart-Shaped Hell on Spotify. 8mm is managed by SOS Management.  Video by Mark Stout Photography.

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Juliette Beavan & Jonny Radtke, 8mm at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood


LA Music Scene
Sean Beavan & Jonny Radtke, 8mm at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood


Juliette Beavan, 8mm at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood


LA Music
Sean Beavan, 8mm at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood

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